Isabella & Richard







October 14, 2023

Enfield, CT
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Our Story

In December 2022, both Rich and I found ourselves using the dating app Hinge. Rich came upon my profile and said his first impression of me was that I "reminded him of sunshine" and he swiped right. When I saw him as a potential match, I thought his funny statement of "a group of squid is called a schoal. It's a missed opportunity. It should be called a squad" was adorable and funny. So, I matched him. He started off our conversation asking what book I was currently reading and proceeded to recommend a book to me. ( I ended up loving this book when I read it a few weeks later). We made a plan to have coffee at 11 am at the Beehive Cafe in Bristol, RI that Sunday and proceeded to not chat at all. That Sunday I was relaxing on my couch, thinking he probably wasn't going to follow through with the date because that happens often on dating apps, when he messaged me at 10:30 am and said he got to the Beehive early and was looking forward to meeting me. I speedily got ready and went to go meet him! When we met, Rich says his first impression of me was that I was short and my first impression of him was that I really liked his flannel. (He now wears this flannel very often). We hit it off immediately. Our coffee date progressed into a walk, followed by lunch at JR Bean, followed by chatting in my car and then followed by him coming back to my house to hang out and meet the dogs. He didn't leave to go back to Falmouth until 5:30 pm! After that things fell together pretty quickly. Being with him has just been so easy. We have great conversations, laugh and smile until our faces and stomachs hurt and we are always on the same page with so many things. We started officially dating the next weekend - and the rest is history!