The Malsons


We're getting married!!

Amanda Kathleen Nobles


Rex Richard Malson II

September 13, 2024

Charlotte, NC
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So how did you two meet?

Well, it all started in middle school . . .

. . . . when Rex was introduced to Amanda by another classmate on the first day of 6th grade. They became fast friends and remained so throughout middle school and high school. In the summer of 2013, they gave dating a try, but alas it wasn't their time. Back to being friends, Rex and Amanda would hang out during college breaks. In summer of 2019, they decided to give love a try once more. Rex and Amanda overcame dating long distance and have been inseparable for over 5 years now! If you are reading this short summary of how Rex & Amanda met, then you are a part of the story itself and are deeply appreciated. Cheers to getting hitched after over 15 years of friendship!

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