Mariana & Reuven

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April 4, 2024

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

How we met

First came dinner, then a shot of tequila in champagne, then it was all over!

Welcome, dear friends, to the hilarious and bubbly love story of Rob and Mariana! Prepare to embark on a journey filled with tequila shots, champagne toasts, and a whole lot of laughter. Buckle up, because this ride is going to be a wild one! It all started in October 2018 at a St. Jude Event, where fate played a mischievous hand. Rob, the tequila aficionado with a heart of gold, couldn't help but notice Mariana and her red heart tattoo on her left arm. Coincidentally, Rob also sported a similar ink masterpiece on the same arm. It was as if their tattoos were shouting, "Hey, you two, let's mix things up and see what happens!" Captivated by the allure of shared body art, Rob decided to strike up a conversation. Little did he know that Mariana's love for champagne rivaled his own passion for tequila. It was a match made in drink heaven! From that moment on, they knew they were destined to create a love story that was equal parts laughter, mischief, and a dash of liquid courage. When Rob and Mariana aren't raising their glasses in celebration, they're busy exploring the world and creating memories that would put any comedy show to shame. Their travels have taken them to magnificent places where they've tried exotic delicacies, stumbled upon hidden gems, and discovered that getting lost can be an adventure in itself. But it's not just their shared love for tattoos, tequila, and champagne that keeps their hearts aligned. Rob, the self-proclaimed king of dad jokes and the master of witty comebacks, always manages to keep Mariana on her toes with his quick humor. And Mariana, with her infectious laughter and sparkling personality, knows exactly how to make Rob's heart skip a beat. Now, after years of laughter, countless glasses raised, and some epic dance floor moves that may or may not have involved tequila-induced bravery, Rob and Mariana are ready to take the plunge into forever. They invite you to witness their grand celebration, filled with joy, love, and an abundance of Tequila. So, dear friends and family, get ready to raise your glasses, dance like nobody's watching, and celebrate the unbreakable bond between Rob and Mariana. Their love story is proof that laughter truly is the best medicine, tequila and champagne make for an interesting cocktail, and that sometimes, the perfect match can be found in the most unexpected places—like a St. Jude Event with matching heart tattoos. Welcome to the whimsical tale of Rob and Mariana, where tequila and champagne collide, and love knows no limits. Let the festivities begin! Cheers!

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