Eleanor & Reginald

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Reginald Ruffin


Eleanor McCollum


July 15, 2023

Jasper, AL

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How we met

Everyone knows the love and passion that Coach Reginald Ruffin has for football. Reginald and I meet some years back when my son was attending a high school football camp. I was introduced to him at that time by another recruiter. Sometime down the road I got a phone call about possibly recruiting my son to play for him while he was head football coach at Miles College. He and I talked on and off on occasions about my son, the scholarship he was offering, and taking care of my baby when he became apart of the team. Reginald had always conducted himself as a gentleman. When my son became part of the team, Reginald and I spoke on occasions pertaining to my son and we became those friends that always called and checked on each other, nothing more.. nothing less. About 2 years later or so, he reached out just to check in and I was told that his beloved wife had passed. I heard nothing but good things about a woman I never knew or met but I knew she was lucky to have a man to love and respect her as he did. Devastating as I was, I offered my condolences and ask was there anything I could do. He and I finally made arrangements to meet up to talk. And after that, we became even closer. We talk about anything and everything on a daily basis and I was mostly also there to listen. Reginald had gone through a life changing ordeal. I seen the kind of man that truly loved his wife and I always told him, no matter where this leads, always hold on to the good memories you and her made, and if you ever need to cry, I will be right here to cry with you. And we have been inseparable from that moment on.

The proposal

September 13, 2022

Reginald and I have made an enormous amout of memories together. We've had the pleasure of experiencing several trips during our time together as well, but on this one particular trip, was more of a relax, release, and reality check for us both. On our vacation to The Keys, I noticed in his eyes as we sat there and talked that his mind was free of stress, work, and he was so straightforward as he has ever been with me. He seemed to be so carefree in expressing himself to me in a way that just overwhelmed my heart. After expressing himself to me, he told me that he was going to marry me, he was tired of holding back and that God told him that I was the one for him. So me with anxiety and anticipation... I was like OMG when, "saying this to myself." After our vacation, football season started and anyone that knows Coach Ruffin, during football season, noone can talk in the house. (lol) Sometime down the road, If you guys know Reginald as I've stated on several occasions, he is a man of God, but also a man that loves to joke around and has a sense of humor that you cant help to love him. So I found out that he called one of my nieces and told her about the ring that he purchased for me and he also sent a picture of it to her. When I found out about that, I called her and so much for loyalty, she would not give me any description of that ring whatsoever. I said ok Eleanor you have to have patience. It was getting close to my birthday, and I was noticing that he was leaving a ring box laying around the house. I laughed to myself and said, (self) DO NOT touch that box, he probably has a camera hidden just to see if I do. So I didn't that day. The next day September 13, he went to football practice like normal that morning and he left the ring box at the house again but this time my curiosity got the best of me. So I picked it up looked around for a hidden camera, and then I opened it. If I didn't say a few choice words to myself when I opened that ring box, I was livid. I told myself....thats what you get for being nosey. He placed a nickle in the ring box. Livid as I was I kept my composure when he got home from practice. He came in, kissed me as he always does when he walks in the house,he wished me Happy Birthday and picked up the box and gave it to me. I said move now and quit playing, your not going to leave a box here and then come give it to me as if something was in it, you know there's nothing in there. He said did you look, I said.......ummm why no. Then he pulls another box out of his pocket and get down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so overjoyed of course I said YES. Needless to say I had a wonderful birthday/proposal.

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