Luke Sorenson


Rebecca Harris

February 10, 2024

Nordman, ID

How We Met


We originally crossed paths at a church retreat in Spokane. Becca was the discussion group leader that Luke was a part of. but it wasn't until later when a film fell from our eyes, revealing the beauty of the other. We both became JCD's (Jesus Christ Disciples) with a program at our church and began sitting next to each other for monthly Wednesday Night Meetings. One of these evenings led to a conversation outside, lasting for more than 30 minutes, despite the cold winds of November. One thing led to another and we shared our first date together at the Moscow Arboretum.

The Proposal


The road to proposing started with a lot of planning. It began with asking the Harris' for Becca's hand in marraige. Then, it was carefully and lovingly looking around for just the right ring. Something unique, something beautiful. While unbeknowst to Becca, Luke began to scout out where the eventual proposal would take place, and he settled for a spot tucked away in the trees at the top of Kamiak Butte County Park overlooking the lush feilds of the Palouse. Luke was also working on a reclaimed wood project using some wood pallets he had found. It was a long process to clean up the wood, sand it down, put it together, engrave, stain and paint, but the end result was worth it all. The morning of September 12th was an exciting one. Becca had just gotten her nails done the day before with her best friend Hailey while Luke was busy working on the woodworking project. Luke drove over to Becca's apartment to pick her up for brunch at Moscow Bagel and Deli, the site of their very first outing together. After bagels and laughs were shared, the two went and explored the local antique store before returning back to the apartment for some time watching The Office and building a Lego set of the very same Office. Later that afternoon, it came time for a trip to Kamiak Butte to look for geocaches. Up the mountain they climbed, on the hunt for hidden treasures. But, tucked away in a repourposed camera lens, was a treasure Becca couldn't imagine. While the two weren't able to find any geocaches, that didn't stop them from enjoying some amazing views, and some much needed time in each others company. To two slowely made their way closer to the spot overlooking the Palouse. Luke took out his camera equipment to get some shots of Becca looking out across the landscape. He switched out his lens for a very special one and asked Becca to turn back around, revealing the ring tucked away inside. With eyes sparkeling, Becca walked closer as Luke looked up to her, reminding her of how much of decisive moment she was and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She said yes! With emotions high, the two celebrated on the top of the mountain. Some friends came to take photos of the two before they headed back down the mountain and off to a dinner date amongst friends. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you at Priest Lake!

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