Rachel & Maverick

    Our Story

Maverick Eddy


Rachel White


August 5, 2023

Weston, WV

How We Met

At First Glance

It all began their senior year of high school when two young friends began to date. Maverick and Rachel first met in 2011 at Bridgeport Middle School becoming acquainted through mutual friends. At first, things were kept casual and light but over the course of time, their relationship spiraled into something real with their hearts skipping for one another.

The Proposal


In Cancun, Mexico, it was a picture perfect day - almost. The weather changed and it began to rain as the two prepared for their beach pictures. All in the midst of a ring awaiting in the back pocket for special timing. With a little time and patience, the weather had cleared enough for their photo session to take place. The moments created were enough for a lifetime and seemed almost to good to outdo. As the photographer continued to photograph, Rachel turned around to the sight of Maverick on one knee holding out his hand and a ring.

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