Kaitlyn & Rayce



Rayce Otterstetter


Kaitlyn Hammonds

May 25, 2024

St. Anthony, ID
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How We Met


Being from a small town, everybody knows everybody. Rayce and I went to high school together so we knew of each other but our paths never crossed until years later when my sister asked me to go to St. Anthony Idaho with her to ride side by sides in the sand dunes. Rayce and I both went into that trip being 100% our authentic selves and I found myself gravitating towards him. We accidentally fell in love. Leaving St. Anthony I felt like I was leaving a part of myself in the sand with him. That was the moment I knew we were supposed to be together. A few short months later I made the move to Montana and here we are 3 years after getting married!

The Proposal


For birthdays instead of material gifts we like to share experiences, for my birthday Rayce wanted to take me somewhere I had never been and told me to do some research and let him know the destination and he would take care of the rest. I decided on San Antonio Texas for the beautiful scenery and the many activities we could do together. It was day 3 in our trip and when we woke up he told me "Today is a you day, we are going to do whatever you want to do and go where you want to go.". I should've seen it coming from that moment right there. We had the best day! Breakfast at the hotel, ice cream as we walked the river, and then we went to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Rayce knows I love taking pictures and he was doing the best job getting candids of me and asking to take pictures everywhere, even propping his phone places to take pictures together. (That should've been a sign too lol) It was golden hour in the garden and we was about ready to head back but we stopped at one last spot to take another photo. I had propped Rayce's phone up on a bench and we were watching the timer count down so we would know to be ready, 3, 2, 1. I looked over at Rayce and he was down on one knee! I shrieked and said "Yes! Yes yes yes" before he could get the words out. "Will you marry me?" We are so excited to share this next chapter with you! See you in St. Anthony!