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October 12, 2024

Bostic, NC
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Our Story

First comes school, then comes marriage.

Drew and Rayanna met in fifth grade at Pumpkin Center Intermediate when they were put in the same class. Drew (and his best friend Landon) firmly believe that Rayanna was their bully, although Rayanna claims to have no recollection of this besides that Landon used to kick her under the table in sixth grade art class. Fast forward a couple years to freshman year of high school, Rayanna and Drew would once again be put in the same class - her mom’s world history class. Drew was the class clown, and, of course, Rayanna was the rule-follower. They would also be put in the same driver’s ed class, where Rayanna took this opportunity to cheat off Drew who sat in front of her even though she won’t admit it. Other than schoolmates and Drew’s crush on Rayanna since fifth grade, it wouldn’t be until junior year that Drew and Rayanna would end up together. It all started on the History Club trip to Saint Augustine, Florida, in which Drew and Rayanna would get stuck sitting on the bus together for nine hours. Drew talked Rayanna’s ear off the whole trip, and a couple weeks after the trip they would begin talking. Rayanna and Drew would be together for a year, before they would break up during their senior year. Rayanna went off to college, and Drew entered the workforce. The summer of 2018, when Rayanna came home from college, Drew tricked her into going to the drive-in movies with him by stating he had never been (even though he really had) and this would mark the start of their next adventure together. Now, six years later, Drew and Rayanna are about to begin again on a new adventure as husband and wife.

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