Raishell & Demond


Demond Johnson


Raishell Adams

April 15, 2023

Atlanta, GA
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How We Met

It's All About Perspective

Raishell's Perspective: If you ask us how we met, it depends on who you ask and when. Demond will tell you we met at Pappadeaux where he tried to talk to me on several occasions, and I denied him or shut him down. I would say the first part could be true. We both love Pappadeaux and used to go there often, but I would definitely say that I would never deny him or shut him down. Truthfully, we met on in November of 2015, two weeks before Thanksgiving. I was busy raising my child and caring for my mother, so I had very little time to date in the traditional sense. After months of friends' suggestions, I tried online dating. I met Demond three months in and there was an instant connection. Demond is extremely flattering with his words and he slid into my inbox to say how beautiful I was. Of course I thanked him, and he replied with "Don’t thank me; definitely thank your parents. I’m just telling the truth." We were inseparable from that point on. Two days later, he went to Huntsville, AL, for Thanksgiving and on his way back to Atlanta he asked me to meet him for coffee at Starbucks. The rest is beautiful history. Demond's Perspective: Raishell loves to say we met on But the truth is, we first met at Pappadeaux and she shot me down twice in one night. I went to Pappadeaux to order some food and have a drink. I would do that a lot. I would just watch what I thought was the live version of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. When I saw her, I tried to spark up a conversation but she wasn’t into it at all. She said she was waiting on someone. I was there for another 30 minutes and she was still there. When I got my food, I walked up to her and said "I wouldn’t keep you waiting that long. I would have shown up early for you." Then I saw her on and liked her picture and found out we had a match. I complimented her in a striped dress, and she said thanks. I replied “The thanks goes to your mother and father.” We kept communicating from the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving until Sunday morning afterwards. We met up on Monday at Starbucks. The conversation never stopped and came naturally. I was focused on her beautiful smile and eyes the whole time. I wanted to spend more time with her that night but held to my character as a gentleman. I can be honest and say I never saw how she looked from the neck down until she went to order a caramel Frappuccino for her child which I paid for. I said "Damn!" twice in my head but didn’t want to stare too hard. From that day on I wanted to be intentional and occupy her time and not try to play it cool. I knew I couldn’t be her only suitor, so I wanted to make sure I stayed on her mind. Anytime I was in town I asked her what she was doing for lunch and dinner. We started FaceTiming constantly. The rest is "beautiful history," as she likes to say.