Haley & Andrew

We have Postponed our wedding to a later date.


Andrew Rader


Haley Rearden


May 19, 2023

Petaluma, CA
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The swipe that started it all...

December 2020

Andrew and Haley met the end of December 2020 through an online dating app called Bumble. After many weeks of Andrew working for Haley's affection, she finally agreed to meet him in person. She committed herself to an ice cream date in downtown Petaluma at the local favorite Lala's Creamery ( Now known as Angela's Ice Cream). After enjoying their ice cream, they aimlessly walked through downtown Petaluma talking about their lives, goals, and dreams. From then on, they both knew, this was it. For the next year they dated and commuted back and forth to each other's homes, making lots of time to see each other. After a 1 week's road trip to Montana, they decided to start the process of moving in together. On November 15th, 2021, they received the keys to the first home they purchased in Rohnert Park, California. On August 29th, 2022, (Haley's 30th Birthday) Andrew proposed to Haley. This brings us to now! Haley and Andrew can't wait to celebrate with you all. They are excited to share our wedding experience with all of their special friends and family. Please enjoy the website and let us know if you have any questions. Love, Haley and Andrew February 3, 2023 Dear wedding guest, We hope that this letter finds you well and that you are looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of Andrew and I committing our lives to one another. I have felt compelled to write this as our wedding plans have changed. While it is not necessary to tell you all that we have planned, I feel like I need to. In the last few months, we have had many conversations, sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, and depression revolving around this upcoming wedding event. I, being the planner that I am, have wanted nothing more than to make our wedding a wonderful gathering for everyone and meet everyone’s expectations. I find myself more worried about whether everyone will enjoy themselves. Will everyone have fun? Will there be enough decorations? Will there be enough food? Alcohol? Etc... Now with that being said, for those of you that already know me, you will know that I do nothing without 100% commitment. I am a “no nonsense person”, I do not like to be outwardly emotional or toil with decisions for very long. I like clear and concise decisions; something that is not easy to do when you are feeling the impending pressure of how to navigate planning a wedding. I am a person that has few friends but the friends that I do have mean the world to me. I do not keep temporary people in my life, each and every one of you holds a specific purpose and special meaning to Andrew and I. Andrew and I both share that we deeply value true and meaningful relationships with others, and once you have our companionship, we will value it forever. We both also share that we LOVE our families. I do not think either of us could marry each other without both deeply understanding how important family is. So, with all these facts in mind of “who we are”, we have decided to elope and share an intimate micro wedding with a small group of family and friends that are family to us. We are still wanting to have an event to share with all our extended friends and family, but it will be more of a party/celebration. We both really want to be able to enjoy the time with each and every one of you, and not be bystanders to the event, but be involved with the event. We apologize for the confusion or inconvenience. We hope that you all understand and will support this decision. Feel free to call or text Andrew (925-922-0878) or myself (Haley 707-338-7372) with any questions. Thank you for reading this letter and being a part of our lives, we love and deeply appreciate you all. Best, Haley & Andrew