Rachel & Nolan


Nolan Baily


Rachel Gnuse

September 3, 2023

Temecula, CA
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How Nolan & Rachel Met

One Sunday in 2021 Nolan made an announcement at Sonrise Christian Church (as he usually does every Sunday) that there was an newly started marriage ministry, and jokingly (he does joke frequently in his announcements) he asked the crowd if there was any daughters or granddaughters that could be married off to him. Rachel's friend Tammy was at church that day and took that joke VERY seriously. She told Rachel about Nolan but God had his own timing for the both of them. In August 2022 Tammy once again asked Rachel if she may set her up with Nolan. Upon finally agreeing, Tammy gave Nolan her number. That day Nolan asked Rachel to go on a hike with him. They hit it off right away and the rest is history.