Rachel & Daniel







July 29, 2023

Seattle, WA

Their Story

est. December 2015

Daniel and Rachel first met at a hole-in-the-wall burger shop called The Shack in Bundang, South Korea. Rachel was there with her friends after work one night, and Daniel came in with his friends after searching for a friend's lost foster dog, Ghost (whom Daniel later adopted). The two friend groups converged, and Daniel sat across from Rachel. Sensing Daniel was an animal lover, Rachel asked if he wanted to adopt a pet hedgehog that she was currently fostering. Daniel declined the free rodent, and they left that night with Daniel remembering Rachel as the "hedgehog girl," and Rachel remembering Daniel as the cute boy from The Shack. Fortunately, Daniel and Rachel's shared friend groups met up frequently, and the couple reconnected a few months later over shared interests of games, TV shows, animals, and D&D. Months turned into years, and when their time in South Korea came to an end, Daniel and Rachel decided that moving to Washington was the next step in their adventure. They moved to Bellingham, WA in 2018 where Rachel studied for her teaching certificate and Daniel started work in healthcare. The couple decided to get married during the summer of 2019, but their plans were delayed due to the Pandemic. Over the next few years, all plans for the wedding were put on the back burner while the couple moved to the Seattle area, changed jobs, and settled into their new lives. The marriage between Rachel and Daniel was put back into motion Thanksgiving of 2022 after a cousin asked when they were finally tying the knot, and they realized there was nothing holding them back. Within the hour, the couple had agreed upon a date to get married. Less than one month later, the couple was married in a small ceremony at Seattle City Hall on December 21, 2022.