Rachael & Benjamin


Let's Dance!


Benjamin Hickmann


Rachael Hentges



September 9


Our Origin Story

Follow the rhythm, you may find your soulmate

Our shared love of funky music & playful encounters brought us together. Rachael followed her favorite local band, The People Brother's Band, to Shangri-la Music Festival at Harmony Park in Minnesota. Benjamin's Green Bay college crew convinced him to join them for the weekend at their favorite "Hippyfest". The very first day of the festival, around sunset- Rachael spotted Ben standing confidently, swaying slightly, & enthralled by one of her favorite funk bands, Frogleg. Rachael intuited that he must be a cool guy & she glided over to dance in his periphery. Bonus that she could smell his peppermint "hippy oil" from a few feet away too. After catching each other's gaze a few times, Rachael waited for a lull in the music to ask what his tattoo on his chest said as it was in another language. "When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you." Ben says this should have been a red flag haha. Rachael was looking for a tall, tanned, groovy, deep fellow to dance the rest of her days with so this was a big "green means go" moment. A few bands later in the night, Rachael spotted her tall, mystery man again. She whispered to her friend, "I think he is my soulmate," & proceeded to move through the crowd to his side to dance together to Flobots. After the music ended, Rachael offered him some coconut water to which he responded, "You're speaking my language!" haha We bopped around together all night, laughing & dancing. The next day, Rachael cancelled plans to go to the Energy Fair in Minneapolis with her brother, Alec so she could stay another day & learn more about Benjamin. We found each other early the next day, embracing & continuing to reveal more of ourselves to the other. Alec joined the fun & immediately hit it off with Ben too. It was special to have the big bro around to approve of the "Cadillac of festi boys". Benjamin's attempt to play cool became much harder when Rachael took off her Frogleg hat to let down her hair after a long day of festivities. He remembers using the mantra, "Lean in," to calm his nerves & stay centered. We learned quickly that our paths were similar in our ability to learn hard lessons & come out the other side with a pocket full of wisdom & love in our heart. We've been inseparable ever since. The first 6 month meant loving each other from a 3.5hrs drive away before deciding to commit to "Leaning in" more & take the next step. Rachael followed her heart to Madison, WI where we've been since. Learning & loving all the way.

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