Rachael & Daniel


We're Doing the Dang Thing!


Daniel Ericksen


Rachael White

December 26, 2023

Carmel Valley, CA
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How We Met


Rachael and Daniel met working at Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove, so it's safe to say they bonded over their affinity for animals. Rachael warned Daniel that she produced involuntary raptor noises, which she did not undersell. The next day a sign, à la Jurassic Park, was left on the front desk deeming that there had been 0 days since the last velociraptor attack--our shared sense of humor was apparent. After "harassing" Daniel for a good month or so, Rachael managed to get him to turn left at the corner of Lighthouse and Grand, toward the "Ham Hut" (her house), rather than the right turn toward the "Moulin Rouge" (his apartment). Both approached this new romance quite timidly at first, but their ease and comfortability with one another pushed their apprehension away quickly. Daniel leaving flowers on Rachael's car didn't hurt either. Food, another love language of theirs, further fueled their bond. Daniel introduced Rachael to Goodie's and Pavel's (somehow in the entire YEAR Rachael had lived in PG, she had not experienced either). She returned the favor with introduction to Compagno's. Sandwiches are important (as are burritos from Zarape and Michael's). Rachael introduced Daniel to her extravagant cooking and baking, which may have sealed the deal on his part. Daniel got to witness the progression from "devastation" to newfound joy for Rachael, when she was told by doctors to avoid gluten. She loves a challenge, but she also loves gluten, so it was quite a journey of trial, error and acceptance. Once a brown rice flour sourdough starter was in working order, all fell into place in the kitchen once more. During the Covid lockdown, their relationship was further expedited, as they hunkered down at Rachael's little cottage with 4 dogs and 3 cats. Ricky and Morty was binged, jigsaw puzzles were aplenty and light delirium kept things entertaining. Daniel introduced Rachael to Lego, which quickly became a favored activity--she has since completed every Lego in the flower/botanical collection, a typewriter and "The Queer Eye Loft." In November of 2020, they put their relationship to another test with a roadtrip up to the PNW. Friends were met, Rachael's old stomping grounds in Tacoma were explored and the most magical experience at "No Cabbages" BnB was had. Rachael already loved Daniel, but the magic of Washington and Oregon amplified it. They're certainly not traditional, as holding a wedding may suggest, but their commitment to one another calls for a celebration to mark their union. Rachael and Daniel will share their vows privately in Big Sur, followed by a whimsical, family affair at Rachael's parents' home in Carmel Valley. They're not big drinkers, but champagne, wine, beer and speciality cocktails will be flowing.