Quentin & Sawyer

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August 8, 2024

Springville, UT
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The Origin Story

A Christmas Party, then a New Year's Kiss...

They sat next to each other at a game party on Christmas Day in 2018. Quentin handed Sawyer a squishy toy and said "touch this, it's so soft!" And a new friendship was born! Sawyer and Quentin grew closer as friends through gender transition, mental health struggles, and the COVID-19 pandemic. There were ups and there were downs. There were arguments and there was crying laughter. Whatever they went through, they went through it together. Bonnie and Clyde? Sherlock and Watson? Quentin and Sawyer. In November 2022, the friends decided they'd kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. No biggie, right? WRONG. Both Sawyer and Quentin had fallen in love with each other! The kiss gave both of them such beautiful sparkly feelings, they had no choice but to confess them. And so they began dating on January 1st, 2023.

Speed Dating 101

What's the opposite of a long game?

After January 1st, Quentin and Sawyer had no issues bouncing right into life as a couple. They were already best friends, except now they could kiss! And tell each other how much they loved each other without having to say "Platonically, of course" at the end! Then came the whirlwind: Quentin found himself looking at engagement rings on Etsy in April, just four months after asking Sawyer to date him! There wasn't a doubt in his mind they were supposed to be together forever. Sawyer was The One, and they had proven this to Quentin time and time again. Through every argument, struggle and challenge, there was one constant in their lives: each other. Neither one was going to back down. So, there was only one thing left to do...

Just Another Dutch Run

The night before a big concert...

It was May 4th, 2023. Quentin had rings picked out and he hurriedly shoved them into his pockets before Sawyer could see. They'd discussed marriage and started planning, told the parents, all that jazz. Everyone was on board and could see Quentin and Sawyer were madly in love. Anyway, it was drizzling rain as Quentin and Sawyer pulled into the Dutch Bros on University Avenue in Provo. Quentin surprised Sawyer with a coffee run after an exhausting and productive day of moving boxes to their new apartment in Springville. "Hey Sawyer, go lay this blanket down on the bench and I'll order our drinks," Quentin said, the ring box burning a hole in his pocket. Once Sawyer was out of earshot from the cashier, Quentin whispered, "I need you to write something on the cup lid-I'm going to propose to my partner tonight!" The cashier and her coworkers painstakingly crafted a delicious mango smoothie for Sawyer, topped with soft cream, and wrote "Sawyer, will you marry me?" On the cup. They even recorded a video with Quentin's phone of the starry scene as Quentin got down on one knee after Sawyer read what was on their cup! And, of course, Sawyer said YES!! The next day, Sawyer and Quentin went to see the band Waterparks in SLC. They got VIP tickets which included a meet-and-greet and photo op with the band members! They decided to recreate their engagement photo with the boys in the band. Everyone looked so happy and excited to hear our story!

A Sort-Of Elopement

Marriage, part 1: May 13th, 2023

Not two weeks later, Quentin and Sawyer stood under an oak tree at the American Fork Amphitheater with their officiant, Caleb, and four of their closest friends. With the political climate heating up and medical challenges piling in, it was the best solution to everyone that Quentin and Sawyer just get married already! Not to mention, they already kind of acted like it! So, on a sunny Saturday in May, they became legally married. But a semi-automatic shotgun wedding wouldn't cut it for Sawyer, no, they had always dreamed of a big beautiful wedding, surrounded by everyone they loved most! Quentin wanted to make their dream come true, so they kept their date and deposit for the wedding venue they fell in love with in Hobble Creek.

This is Where You Come in!

What's next for our soulmated lovers?

Next, we need YOU! Yes, if you're reading this, you are invited to celebrate the beautiful marriage of Sawyer and Quentin. You are a part of this grand adventure we call Life, and we're so excited to have you in ours.

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