Queasha & Charles






March 11, 2023

Richmond, VA

Our Story


They met in 10th grade in 2016. It all started in Spanish class. Charles was very talkative and loved to goof around with his friends. Queasha was the teachers favorite. She had the best grades in the class and was always attentive. One day their teacher had enough of the goofing around. She moved Charles’ seat next to Queasha’s, in hopes that maybe Queasha would rub off on him and help him to do better in class. Little did she know, she was partaking in their ultimate love story. They began to talk. Queasha made the first move and eventually asked for his number. They started talking outside of school, and they would talk for hours on the phone. Everything was good until the summer of 2016. They had different expectations, so they stopped talking to each other for the whole summer and the first two months of school. Charles broke the silence and reached out to Queasha around October 2016. Instead of being in a relationship, Queasha said they could be friends. They were friends for about two years before they started dating in May 2018. They went off to college. Charles would travel two hours to go see Queasha at JMU. They were best friends. In 2020, they began to seek the Lord. The more their relationship grew with Christ, the stronger their relationship grew together. They are now inseparable, God is the glue that holds them together.