Precious Amadi


Chiemerie Ekeneme

April 29, 2023

Lagos, Nigeria
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He interrupted my worship

Precious Story

I met Emerie in our church on the 1st of December 2019. While the praise and worship session was going on, someone tapped my shoulder, I turned back and the person pointed towards Emerie saying he needed my attention. I was quite confused and thought I had blocked someone’s car with mine as he had a coordinator tag hanging on his neck. I decided to go hear him out. As he walked towards the exit, I followed him. When we got outside the auditorium, he introduced himself, asked my name and apologized for disrupting my worship. He then pleaded that I give him my number as he had something important to discuss with me after the service. He explained that he had been trying to get my attention for the past three weeks but I never stayed back for a minute after the service. Since I was in a hurry to go back, I gave him my contact and went back into the church. I honestly didn’t think he wanted to talk to me about relationship. Thinking about it now, I don’t know what I thought he was going to tell me.Well, we started talking and after five months of him asking consistently for me to be his girl, I found peace and agreed to be with him. On the 12th of December 2021(my 30th birthday), Emerie asked me to be his wife. Our relationship wasn’t a totally smooth ride but I always knew all along that he is the ONE. Emerie is my best friend in every sense of the word, he is full of life and energy, a happy soul with a really kind heart. Did I mention that he is a foodie too? I guess I am equal to the task lol. I am so excited and grateful to God to be getting married to a man who treats me like the only woman in the world, takes care of me, defends me, prays for me, spoils me, corrects me, is patient with me, extremely forgiving, takes my family as his and has given me an additional super amazing family. The Lord has promised to give us new wine to last us throughout this journey of marriage and truly I am grateful to God.


Emerie's Story

I was praying in my room one morning when one of our family friends who visited knocked on my door asking to use my bathroom quickly as the other bathrooms were occupied and they needed to get ready immediately. I kept praying while she headed for the bathroom. At this point, I was asking God to give me a wife that I was ready. When she got out, she began to tease me about my prayers. She said Bro Emerie I didn’t know you are looking for a wife o and we both laughed. Then the next time we all got talking, she mentioned one lady in the church that she admired so much. I remember her say she was beautiful, gentle, focused and she had never seen her in the company of people. She also reiterated that she has never spoken to the lady, that she didn’t know her beyond admiration. Considering how she spoke about this lady I became curious and asked her to show me the lady. We stalked her a little on Facebook then I went ahead to find out where she parked her car on Sundays. I observed her for over a month and everything my family friend said was true. Precious was so gentle and literally didn’t mix up with anyone. She was probably the first to jump into her car and zoom off after every service so I missed talking to her all the times I tried. So I told my family friend I liked her and she went ahead to ask Precious for her number without telling me. When she told me, I told her I wanted to do it myself but I had to track her down so she doesn’t keep disappearing after service.One fateful Sunday, it was the 1st of December 2019 while the praise session was going on, I asked someone to tap her and when she turned back, I beckoned on her to come. She was confused but came regardless. I took her outside the church and pleaded for her number saying I had tried many times and didn’t want to miss her this time. Without much hesitation she gave me, I am not sure she was thinking about relationship lol.

Love against all odds

Emerie's Story

Later that night I called her and told her my intentions that same night. She obviously didn’t take me seriously but I didn’t stop calling. She was warm and receptive of my call and not before long we became best friends and could talk for hours. Still she hadn’t given me a response about being my girl lol. Each time I asked, she replied “Emerie I haven’t found peace yet” and I would be so discouraged but she was already my friend so I couldn’t just go. After five months of talking, she called me one Saturday morning saying she didn’t want to keep wasting my time that she still hadn’t found peace with being with me and she needed us to stop talking frequently so she could move on. I was broken that day but I had to package as a man and told her it was fine. She was on her way to her CFA class that morning. I didn’t call her throughout the day like I used to and she didn’t call either. Sometime around noon, she called to check up on me, I said I was fine but really I also needed to move on cos her call to decline my proposal came early in the morning so I assumed she thought it through the entire night. Around 6pm I got another call, this time Precious was crying and I was scared wondering what had happened. I asked what the problem was and she replied “Emerie I can’t do it, I think I have fallen in love with you and I don’t even know when it happened. I couldn’t focus in class today thinking about all our conversations and our friendship”. I melted but I still didn’t understand o, as in this madam called me in the morning to serve me breakfast and this evening she is saying I am the one for her lol. I told her to think about it again, she told me she didn’t need to think that she was ready to give us a try. We both can’t remember the date this happened cos we lost or changed phones at some point but it was that special day that marked the beginning of something beautiful. Our relationship is far from being rosy, it’s been full of thorns and turbulences but none of us fell off the way. We have had many teary days. We have had days of laughter. We have had to stand to defend our love against all odds. We have made promises and commitments to make it work and it worked. We prophesy that our marriage will last a lifetime in joy and laughter. Precious is assertive, a go-getter, extremely generous, kind hearted, a little too emotional but my baby is a complete spec and I am grateful to God who has made everything beautiful in His own time.