Alyssa & Andrew

We're Getting Married!


Andrew Emerson


Alyssa Ponsolle

May 13, 2023

Sanford, NC
105 days105 d9 hours9 h59 minutes59 min

How We Met

Swipe Right, 9/2016

It was meant to be when Alyssa was at a wedding in Raleigh and her Tinder didn't update on the location and she happened upon a cute boy with an even cuter dog. Before they met in person they talked on the phone regularly, and when Andrew offered to drive two hours for a dinner he said, "Don't feel too special but I think it's worth it" and it definitely was.

Our Engagement

Steamboat Springs, 10/9/2021

For Andrew's 30th birthday Alyssa planned a weekend away in the mountains. When Alyssa turned 30 Andrew planned a weekend in the mountians, with a few surprises. He planned for Alyssa's family and their friends to come out and surprise her throughout the weekend and proposed in front of everyone, in true fashion at a brewery.