Megan and Tim

It's Finally Happening!

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Tim Dolan


Megan Pohl

Colorado Springs


October 13

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How We Met

It started like many modern romances, an online dating app. I was mindlessly scrolling one night and saw a profile that said, "I hope you like bad boys, because I'm bad at everything", and I was sold. It helped he was a total hunk. We started messaging, then texting and after a couple weeks we decided to meet in person. We had a great dinner in the Old Market for our first date, which then turned to drinks, and then turned into more drinks at another place, and before we knew it, it was after midnight on a weekday! We have spoken or at least texted every day since that first night.

The Proposal

Tim and I have never done anything the conventional way. So, when we had begun discussing marriage, I knew I didn't want the typical song and dance. We had always joked about me proposing, when it was brought up Tim would say "you should do it. Just get me a guitar", so after the 20th time we joked... I decided that's exactly what I was going to do. Here's the thing. I have never kept a secret in my life. Tim has known every birthday, Christmas or random gift I've ever gotten him. I just get so excited to give things! I knew if I could pull this off, he'd never believe it. So, I started plotting. I began probing about what type of guitar he would want if he could have any guitar... then when I found out what that was, I asked him what ATTAINABLE guitar he'd have if he could have any. Once I got a good idea, I pulled the trigger and bought one. Hid it from him at my parents house. Then began my plan for proposing. I knew I couldn't hide a guitar in my pocket but I could hide a card. So, I used a Magic the Gathering card I had custom made with artwork I drew of the guitar on it that laid the proposal out. I planned a Saturday date, with lunch and a little Target date where we'd get each other gifts in different categories and surprise each other at home. When it came time for "something to do together" I whipped out the Magic deck with my card tucked inside. He pulled it out. Read it. Read it again. Said "what?" and "are you serious" and "did you ask my mom and dad?!" and after some more silence I verified that it was indeed a proposal and he needed to say yes or no! He said yes, I got the guitar out and the look on his face was the best moment of my life! I pulled it off! We had also planned a surprise dinner with our closest friends, but the secrets were too much at that point and I blabbed immediately after that we had a fun dinner and after party planned. It was an amazing night and one we will never forget!