Patrick & Joella


Patrick Hudson


Joella Abarientos

September 23, 2023

Burlington, KY
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Our Love Story

She caught the bouquet at a friend's wedding and the rest is history...

Joella went to visit her brother, Josh, in Kentucky in March, 8 days after she caught that bouquet. That's when she met Patrick. She ended up moving to Kentucky a month later (she didn't move because of Patrick). Joella kept visiting Josh over the next couple months, and found herself more and more interested in hanging out with Patrick each time she saw him. Patrick, on the other hand, was convincing himself that even though she was beautiful, he was totally NOT interested in her like that (obviously that wasn't true). This went on for several months (which included Joella crying over Patrick not talking to her, and Patrick being totally oblivious) until July. On a trip back to Texas, Joella began to realize how much she missed Patrick. At the same time, a friend told Patrick that he and Joella would make a cute couple. Things escalated quickly after that. And so, they found each other at a summer BBQ where Patrick was really hoping they would talk. They did....until the party was shutting down, when they kept talking because Joella "had to go to Walmart." This would be the first of many grocery store trips in their relationship. She made the low-key move of inviting him to her birthday dinner and the less low-key move of proverbially dropping her handkerchief by giving him a hat. It was obvious to everyone BUT them that the sparks were flying. 3 days later they would FINALLY admit how they really felt about one another. Their first date was August 13, 2022. Since then, it's been wonderful. During their 4 months of dating they had a lot of coffee dates, food dates, driving aimlessly dates, and spent a lot of time out in the cold weather. It was obvious where it was all heading, so on December 31, 2022 Patrick popped the question...and Joella said yes! We're so excited to share our special day with you. We love you all and can't wait!