Hannah & Matthew



Matthew Meuleman


Hannah Pitcher

June 1, 2024

Indianapolis, IN
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How We Met

Matt and Hannah technically met in August 2015 at job orientation, where Matt made a corny dad joke to Hannah. Although Hannah never forgot the tall, handsome redhead who made her laugh, Matt does not remember this interaction because he "made that joke to a lot of people that day." The two moreso began getting to know each other during their junior year (two years later), by which time they were both supervisors at Wright Food Court and C-Store at IU. Their coworker, and Matt's friend and roommate, Kellen, began inviting Hannah over to their townhouse to hang out. Although Hannah believed that Matt had a crush on her and was just being shy, in reality, the reason for the invites was that Matt was teasing Kellen, who got mad and told Matt, "I'm going to make you and Hannah date." One fateful night at the townhouse, sparks flew during a hustle play on the basketball court and a group rendition of "American Pie" by Don McLean. Soon after, Hannah asked Matt out for ice cream, and the rest was history.

Engagement Photos

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