Lindsey & Carlos







May 25, 2024

Kansas City, MO

How We Met


Carlos' version: My group of friends, the Spanish Inquisition, have been going to bingo at The Peanut for several years, which is where we met The Binghoes! It sparked a great group friendship and later, Lindsey joined their group. She would attend weekly, and we became great friends! As the friendship grew, I would ask her to join us to beer events or put ideas on our group chat, The Spanish Binqisition, hoping she would answer. Months later, knowing she had a dog, I asked if anyone would like to go to the dog park, she said yes. Then, another time, she asked me if was interested in a dog walk, which I franticly and excitedly accepted! During that walk, we learned that both groups of friends were busy, and we both had a free Friday night. So, I awkwardly asked her to join me in "checking out new breweries." The night was full of fun, laughter, and interest. Since then, we have been inseparable.

The Proposal

Unlike most girlfriends, I knew exactly what day I was to be engaged. Early on in our relationship, I told Carlos I did not want any major events to happen on my birthday. With that being said, my birthday is on January 2nd and Carlos's birthday is January 4th. During a car ride, we were "jokingly" discussing what a proposal might look like and we excitedly noticed that January 3rd is on a Tuesday. Tuesday nights are music bingo nights, which is where we met. There was never much discussion about it after. January 3rd was the day we would get engaged and music bingo would be a party with our closest friends and family. What I didn't know was that Carlos was planning an elaborate surprise for me. He invited our parents and siblings to town, we had lunch with everyone and went to take family photos. During the cold and breezy day, our first stop was the World War One Museum, which has a breathtaking view of the KCMO skyline and our second stop was Union Station. Union Station is where Carlos first told me he had feelings for me, which I kindly told him 'we were just friends.' As we were ending photos at Union Station, Carlos began quoting "Paper Rings" by Taylor Swift and got down on one knee, and finished the chorus with, "Darling you're the one I want... Will you marry me?" I said 'YES!' Our family cheered and cried, then our friends surprised me by jumping up from the balcony, where they were hidden for several hours, and cheering. We made a quick stop at Boulevard for a celebratory brew and ended the night at The Peanut for our weekly tradition and one last surprise! Carlos made a special bingo card, "Lindsey's Bangers." If this wedding was anything like bingo was that night, you won't want to miss it!

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