Phoenix & Ryan







February 23, 2024

Topanga, CA
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Our Story

"I'll share some oysters with you" This is a testament that nothing happens by chance. About 5 months previous to meeting, Shaun (Ryan's brother) showed Ryan a picture of Phoenix - “dude she’s totally your type.” Ryan then asked, “well is she single?” She wasn’t. See, Ryan was healing from his own heart break and would drive 6 hours to be with his brother. He wasn’t interested in dating, just healing. Fast forward to the night they met. Shaun just happened to ask Phoenix about her then boyfriend. Little did anyone know, they broke up 3 days prior and she was completely broken. All her future plans were destroyed...holding it together by a thread. But of course, Shaun convinced her to go out to dinner with them at a seafood restaurant down the street. She walked in and and saw the group waving and found the one open seat. It was next to Ryan. He was visiting again and somehow got strung along with dinner plans as well.. They just sat there and stared at each other - everyone knew. The both of them were shattered when they met, but knew there was something grounding and undeniable about their connection. Then, Ryan did something extremely out of his comfort zone (he doesn't share food). She expressed that she loved oysters and Ryan put his feeler out with his now infamous line... "I'll share some oysters with you." It was right then, their oyster tradition started. Ryan then moved down to explore our potential. The two worked toward building a strong foundation, kept communication open and loved each other whole heartedly. They knew that letting go was the only way to heal.. and man did they heal. God has an incredible way with timing and put His hand in this relationship - and we're swelling with happiness. We love you & can't wait to celebrate ❤️‍🔥