Perry & John


Watercolor Highlight

John Henry O'Neil


Abigail Perry Gulden

June 1, 2024

Osterville, MA

Our Love Story!

It was the Fall of 2017. John had recently moved to the Boston area (“Medfa”) with some friends to start a new job, while Perry was finishing her undergraduate degree at Lesley University in Cambridge. To be young in Boston! Remember Bumble? That’s where it all began. With a little twist of fate and a bit of luck, they swiped right on each other (before Cardi B made it cool). Texts turned into calls, and calls turned into plans…and then canceled plans…and then rescheduled plans! (The tried and true “no clean clothes” excuse.) Halloween came and went, and they finally decided to grab a drink at The Painted Burro in Davis Square. Getting to know each other over a few margaritas, it was clear there was an instant connection. John was captivated by Perry’s beauty and charm, while Perry was bedazzled by John’s silly charisma. The two went together like Peas & Carrots! Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months to years. After countless adventures camping, going to Disney, Nantucket, driving to new places, cooking together, trying new restaurants, and finding some favorites along the way – looking at you, The Abbey!, the spark of love has only grown. John and Perry moved in together and started their life in Cambridge. Aurora welcomed her new dad, and life has been but a breeze. 😊 They supported each other when they were each in grad school, looking for jobs, moving to a new apartment or just having a bad day. One night turned into the rest of their lives. Welcome to the next chapter of our love story!

For all the days along the way
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