Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

David Bermillo, III

Man of Honor

David and Cam met through their high school's graphic design/print shop program. With their shared artistic interests and love for food and cocktails, he quickly became Cam's best friend. Better known as your friendly neighborhood #KandiLion, David is often recognized for his intricate beaded designs at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) each year, especially his Kandi Warrior headdress. Cam loves David's eye for aesthetics and design, and we're grateful for his help with the DIY centerpieces!

Vilma Bocanegra

Matron of Honor

Vilma and Cam met through the Newman Center, the campus ministry across from Sacramento State. Despite their shared "inability to sister" (difficulty in making close girl friends), they bonded through Adoration, ministry events and retreats, and weekly catch-up lunches. It was no surprise they became spiritual best friends! Cam loves her deep sense of care, extending beyond Vilma's own motherhood to 4 little girls. We know a lot of tears will be shed on our special day!

Sarah Macaraeg


Sarah and Cam met through the "My Vocation Is Love" retreat at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. In their small group, they joked about how there were "no good Catholic guys left" — but was happily surprised when she found out Cam began dating Mat, one of her fellow YA friends. They currently work together at the parish, where they've shared countless laughs, meals, stories, and a love of Klay Thompson in a barong. Cam loves Sarah's self-confidence, and we know you'll find her on the dance floor!

Tiffanie Lagrazon


Tiffa and Cam met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration. Their friendship started with secret spilling and tequila shots, but by the end of the night, they were inseparable. To this day, if you hear high-pitched squeals of excitement, you'll know they're together. Their closeness is truly rooted in their love of the Lord, shared experiences as parish staff, and their spontaneous "sister dates." Cam loves Tiffa's thoughtfulness, and we know her heart will make all the difference on our big day!

Mark Perdiguerra

Best Man

Mark is Mat's older brother, confidant, and in-house wedding planning consultant. Growing up, they shared everything: toys, clothes, interests, and friend groups. To this day, people still mistake them as twins — or even as the same person. However, Mark is easily recognized by his hearty laugh, infections smile, and lack of dimple. Mat looks up to his Kuya for his earnestness and devotion to his faith, and we're grateful for his love and support as we journey towards this milestone!

Kevin Sandoval


Kevin and Mat met in Kindergarten at St. Catherine of Siena and were neighbors throughout elementary school. They bonded through competition, from academics to who was the best in Super Smash Bros. Melee. While Mat concedes that Kevin was ultimately better in both, he believes his rival not only pushed him beyond his limits, but also earned his respect. Mat praises his reliability, and we know he'll always come through with his groomsmen duties!

Alexa Bernardes


Alexa and Mat met during their freshman year in high school, which can be best described as "the extrovert finding, liking, and adopting the introvert." She is known as the “Mom Friend” of the Homeskillets, their high school clique. She will celebrate your every success, keep it real when you need to get your life together, and help mediate any drama in between. Mat appreciates her authenticity, which is why including her in our wedding party was a no-brainer!

Ryan Bernardo


Ryan and Mat met during their sophomore year in high school. Upon joining the Homeskillets, they bonded over the DC Animated Universe, functional gift-giving, and having birthdays in close proximity. He is best known for his ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. People are drawn to his charisma and enthusiasm, and in return, he aims to make them feel accepted and included. Mat admires his outgoing personality, and there's no doubt that he'll be everyone's hypeman at the wedding!

Alena & Cicily Bocanegra

Flower Girls

Alena and Cicily are the first set of twin daughters of Vilma and her husband, Joshua. Alena is Cam's goddaughter, but Mat and Cam have known both girls since they were 1 month old. It's been a joy to watch them explore their curiosities, try new foods, and grow into their personalities. As first-time flower girls, they'll be almost 3 years old by the wedding day!

Ronen-Paschal Arguelles

Ring Bearer

Ronen is the firstborn son of Patrick and Ambergrace, who are Mat and Cam's close friends. He is a lovable extrovert, who enjoys being surrounded by family, friends, and especially toys. He loves Blue's Clues, Nintendo Switch games, and model cars and airplanes. Only a couple days older than Alena and Cicily, he is also a first-time ring bearer!

Diana & Russell Castro

Primary Sponsor (Veil)

The veiling ceremony signifies humility; God will help the couple shoulder any burdens they might encounter. Sponsors clothe the couple as one, placing the veil on the shoulders of the groom and on the bride’s head.

Connie & Steve del Castillo

Primary Sponsor (Cord)

The unity cord ceremony emphasizes life-long commitment, as the cord resembles an infinity sign. Sponsors help bind the couple together, placing a special rosary over the couple’s heads.

Hydie & Robert Hess, III

Primary Sponsor (Coins)

The coin ceremony represents the couple’s sharing of worldly goods, for richer or poorer. Sponsors present the priest with 13 coins (representing Jesus and his 12 Apostles), which the couple then pass back and forth.

Fr. Glenn Jaron


Fr. Raj Derivera

Concelebrant & Homilist