Colleen & David


We’re getting married!


Colleen Pentecost


David Perron

November 18, 2023

Goleta, CA

When they met

Can I hold your hand?

David and Colleen met in seventh grade. David was a new student, and Colleen had been at that school since fifth grade. The school was a small Santa Barbara charter school. There was a meeting in the multipurpose room one day, and somehow David and Colleen were sitting close to one another. They had seen each other around, and talked briefly, but this was the first time they were sitting close to one another. Colleen leaned back and put her hands behind her, and David reached over and placed his hand on top of hers. Colleen, being more of a shy individual, pulled her hand back quickly and said, “My parent’s won’t let me date.” The two laughed it off, and (while they clearly liked one another) nothing else happened between them until they reconnected and began to date in December two thousand and fifteen. Then on September ninth two thousand and twenty two David proposed, and as he held Colleen’s left hand, he asked “Do you remember when I held this hand for the first time?”…and here we are as the couple will now be holding hands for the rest of their lives.

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