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June 17, 2023

Beckley, WV
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Where It All Began

Luke and Kayla first met in 2012 but Luke was too shy to talk to Kayla. They saw each other a few times at church, but that was it. Or was it? They became friends on Facebook but it wasn't until years later, seven years to be exact, that they began to build a friendship. Kayla had graduated from WVU with a Bachelor's in Nursing and was practicing at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, WV. Luke was working in a metal fabrication shop in Utica, NY grinding his days away, literally. The highlight of his day was talking to Kayla for hours and hours about anything and everything! Luke started to feel God calling him into Law Enforcement which was a childhood dream of his. As he followed God's leading, he applied for the Beckley Police Department in March of 2020. He said it was because he loved the Beckley area so much, but that cute blonde nurse had a little to do with it too. The Lord provided Luke with the job and in November of 2020 he packed his house and moved to Beckley, WV. After a few dates, it was apparent that this relationship between the cop and the nurse was not going to work. They both felt God leading them in different directions. Really though, God had a lot to teach them both before they would be ready for each other. Kayla was attending I Heart Church were her relationship with God was growing strongly! Her community was such an encouragement to her and her passion for ministry began to form. She became involved in as many church activities as she could and she also began to work as a dance instructor at Rhythms of Grace where she is able to minister to kids through dance. Luke spent the next two years rediscovering his relationship with God. There were ups and downs. Lots of downs. But through it all, God brought Luke closer into a real, genuine relationship with Himself. Luke started attending Faith Community Church where he began to build a new community and rekindle some old friendships. Through this time Luke and Kayla remained friends at a distance. Often, Luke would go to the dirt track races and hang out with Kayla's brother, Ryan. In July of 2022, Luke decided it was time to ask that cute nurse to give him another chance. They spent the whole day together and it was evident that things were different this time. Over the next few months, there were lots of lunch break dates, truck bed picnics, and late night conversations. The hour long phone calls were now hour long conversations in person. It was evident that this was going to be a life long adventure that neither of them thought was possible two years before. It was incredible to see how God had changed them and shaped them for each other and allowed their paths to cross at just the right time. The rest of the story... well, it is still being written, and they can't wait for you to be a part of their special day as they start this new chapter. The chapter titled - "Mr. and Mrs. Appell."