Ashley & Erik


We're Getting Married!

Ashley Patterson


Erik Nelson

October 21, 2023

Valois, NY

How We Met

July 21, 2019

Erik & Ashley each had a friend who were seeing each other at the time. These friends discussed who their best single friend was and Erik & Ashley were picked. Phone numbers were exchanged and instantly Erik & Ashley started talking. This went on for a few days before deciding to go on their first date. They originally decided to play a round of putt putt golf which ended up turning into two rounds of putt putt golf, a round of go-carts (to this day they both say they let the other win) and then two hours of sushi. And the rest is history...

The Proposal

October 29, 2022

Erik planned a hike at one of their favorite hiking spots, Stony Brook State Park. On this day the weather was sunny and 70 degrees. Erik was nervous all day. His neck turned red, he had his hands constantly in his pockets, and was not able to have much conversation. Ashley, of course who observes everything, looked at his jeans and didn't see a ring box so she assumed that it was not the day for a proposal. This then lead to her to constantly asking him a million questions... "Are you over-heating?" "Are you okay?" "Is something wrong?" Erik tried to redirect the conversation and distract the nerves with many photos of the falls along the hike. Erik and Ashley did the whole hike down and the whole hike back. At the end of the hike there is a beautiful man-made stone bridge that you have to cross to leave the hiking trail. Here, Erik said he wanted one last photo. However, instead he set up the camera to record. He checked the camera twice and pretended the phone did not take the picture before coming back a third time and then getting down on one knee. It was perfect and of course she said YES!

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