Lindsey & Jonny


Lindsey Patrick


Jon Brusati

Santa Rosa


September 2

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Montage Proposal

Kapalua Bay, 10-11-22

In early 2022, Jonny & Lindsey planned a Hawaiian vacation to visit both Hawaii and Maui. Over the weeks they sat together, researching the islands, watching tourism videos, and planning. So much planning. Plans for hotels, dinners, snorkeling, sunset cruises, hikes, you name it! Lindsey thought she knew exactly how the trip was going to go... and boy was she wrong. You see, Jonny was doing his own planning. From working with Cresalia's to design an engagement ring to coordinating with photographers, he concocted the perfect proposal. After surprising Lindsey with a stay in Kapalua Bay, Jonny invited her to dinner at sunset. It took some convincing for her to agree to walking on beach in their clean shoes, but Jonny was not easily deterred. Following a brief stroll, sweet words, a bend of the knee, and a resounding "Yes!"- Lindsey & Jonny were engaged.