Wedding-Cation at the Hotel Del Coronado

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our Friends and Family who will be walking down the aisle with us!

Michael Cunningham Sr.

Father of the Bride

Hong Cunningham

Mother of the Bride

Charles Scrofano

Father of the Groom

Dawn Scrofano

Mother of the Groom

Judge Natalia M. Combs Greene


Brittney Thomas

Maid of Honor

Meet Brittney Thomas, my rock, confidante, and forever college roommate. We've weathered the storms of life together, sharing laughter in the good times and offering support through the tough ones. Brittney isn't just my Maid of Honour; she's my partner in crime, my go-to person for advice, dinner dates, and fun times. Our bond goes beyond the college dorm walls – it's a friendship that has stood the test of time and embraced the highs and lows of life. As we step into this new chapter of love, I couldn't imagine anyone else standing beside me. Here's to Brittney – my roomie for life, the keeper of my secrets, and the friend who has made every journey memorable. Let the wedding festivities begin!

Jeff Dingwall

Best Man

Meet Jeff, Best Man, resident San Diegan, and slayer of greedy railroad monopolies. I met Jeff at the Trial Lawyer's College in 2013 where we became fast friends and confidants. We built an unbreakable bond living on a ranch for three weeks in Dubois, Wyoming, honing our trial skills, and getting in touch with our true authentic selves. He is the friend who is always there whether its dropping everything to fly out to DC to help work up a serious case, letting me crash on his air mattress and use his expensive male beauty products, or to just lend a listening ear when times are tough. He's never hesitated to pack up a suitcase full of Acapulco shirts and adventure across Southern California. Jeff reintroduced me to the Hotel Del and has helped Patrice and I fall in love with San Diego.

Courtney Khan


Meet Courtney, a pivotal figure in my life since my teenage years. She has played an instrumental role in shaping the person I am today in countless ways. Courtney is not just smart and beautiful; she's the epitome of an incredible mom. Her courage, confidence, and unwavering strength have always been a beacon of inspiration for me. I've consistently looked up to Courtney, finding guidance in her example, and she has made me a better person both inside and out. Despite the physical distance that separates us, with her residing in Hawaii, our connection has remained steadfast. We've kept in touch and supported each other through all of life's challenging moments. As we celebrate love and friendship, I can't help but acknowledge the profound impact Courtney has had on my life. Here's to Courtney – a mentor, a beautiful soul, an extraordinary mom, and the friend who has made the journey brighter and richer. Grateful for the enduring bond we share, no matter the miles between us.

Sam Stevens


Have you met Sam? A true renaissance man who is as comfortable in the board room of an NGO as he is performing a choreographed fire dance before ten of thousands of people at Burning Man. Sam and I met through a mutual friend I met in Kosovo in 2010. We bonded over the fact that even though he went to OU and I went to Texas, OU still sucks. Thanks to Sam, I can say that the 30's was a far superior decade than the 20's. Living with Sam, he helped me answer one one of life's most important questions: how many different types of dishes can you cook inside an egg role (trick question the answer is infinite). He's worn many hats in my life: best roommate, best wingman, and best friend a guy could ask for. I literally cannot count the ways Sam's friendship has made my life better--not the least of which is the fact he repeatedly invited Patrice to our Shaw Castle parties back in 2014 after we met her at a destination wedding (see also, Mike Patterson below).

Carla Page


Meet Carla, not just my big cousin but the big sister I never had. She's incredibly beautiful, funny, and smart. She has given me nothing but love, advice, and support throughout my life. With her by my side, every moment feels like a shared victory. Reflecting on our unique journey together, I can't help but reminisce about the days when she lived with us during her highschool years. Her presence brought warmth and laughter to our home and played a pivotal role in shaping my childhood. She patiently styled my hair, creating magical looks that made me feel like a princess and hung out with me when my big brothers didn’t want me around. Those cherished moments of laughter and play created a bond that has only strengthened over the years. Now, as we embark on this new chapter of my life, I am grateful to have Carla not only as my bridesmaid but as the enduring sister who has been there since the very beginning. Cheers to the beautiful memories and to the future filled with more love and joy!

Michael Patterson


Meet Mike. In 2008, after graduating law school, I got my first job as a Law Clerk. I had a random roommate named Satsuki move in (yes, we actually used to find roommates on Craigslist in DC back then). I'll always remember on her move in day she was being followed around by this recent Georgetown grad she had met at a party. This was Mike Patterson whose first move had been to ask her if he could help her move. Little did I know that 8 years later, after becoming great friends and later being neighbors in SW DC, Mike would ask me to be a groomsman at his and Satsuki's destination wedding in Jamaica. Its at that wedding where I met a girl he went to high school with named Patrice. Mike forever changed my life. And while it has always been very tough to get him out of the house to hangout, he is a loyal friend and generous host. I've been proud to watch him turn into a great father and am forever grateful to his wonderful family who welcomed me into their home for many Thanksgivings over the years. Hopefully, we'll find time to go "golfing" while in San Diego.

Michael Barnett


Meet Mikey, my A-1 from Day 1 and partner-in-crime in all aspects of life. He's not just a best friend; he's incredibly giving, nurturing, and an absolute badass. Mikey is the person I can call anytime to vent, complain, cry, or share a hearty laugh – he's there for all the things. Our friendship has been so fun throughout the years and it's a sanctuary where we can spend hours on the phone discussing anything and everything. Mikey's unwavering support knows no bounds, and I couldn't ask for a better friend. Through the challenges and triumphs, he stands by me, lifting me up in everything I do. As we celebrate love, friendship, and the beautiful connections that enrich our lives, here's to Mikey – a hustler, a giving soul, a nurturing presence, a badass friend, and the confidante who makes every moment brighter. Grateful to have him in my corner on this incredible journey.

Justin Haley


Meet Haley. A real "Tough Texan". Founder of Lonesome Dove Stone & Masonry--a company he built from scratch starting in college hustling building stone from a rock quarry to homebuilders. Now he builds homes and construction projects for multimillionaires and famous sports casters. I met Haley 26 years ago across the line on the football field in junior high. We became fast friends in high school driving around in my 1996 Ford Explorer with a 12" subwoofer in the hatchback causing trouble around town. He's my oldest friend and while we don't hangout near enough, we somehow manage to periodically spend hours on the phone just like a couple of 15 years olds talking on a landline in 1996. His heart is as big as his comically large pickup truck and his passion for life is as fiery as that red manbun on top of his head.

Raleigh Lancaster


Meet Raleigh, the fun-loving beam of sunshine in my life and a friendship that bloomed through the connection of love. We clicked instantly, thanks to her infectious joy and thoughtful gestures. Raleigh has a knack for making every day brighter with her contagious smile and simple yet heartwarming ways. Whether it's a surprise to lift your spirits or a joke to make you laugh, Raleigh is always there, making life a little more joyful. As we embark on this journey of love, I'm grateful to have her by my side. Here's to Raleigh – the friend who adds laughter to my days and warmth to my heart. Cheers to many more shared smiles and happy moments ahead!

Josh Dent


This is Josh Dent. I've known Josh for 26 years and he's the best kind of friend to have. The kind you don't have to talk to all the time but when you do its like you've never missed a beat and you pick up right where you left off. Josh, as a youth, bravely asked the question: can a really good looking guy make having a belly button ring cool in the 90's? While the answer ended up being no, it took a lot of courage to try. Despite the fact he spent most of his life skating by on his ridiculous good looks, he's grown into a successful business owner, a great father, and a loving husband. Our friendship has not only stood the test of time but only gotten better and stronger over the years. Don't let his quiet exterior fool you, deep down Josh Dent is a person who has a heart.

Danielle Wells


Meet Danielle, my sister-in-law and partner in crime since I was in middle school, who's more like a big sister to me. Her funky style adds a burst of color to my life, making every day a bit more vibrant. As a mom, Danielle is a true hustler, navigating the beautiful chaos of raising my four nieces and nephew with admirable strength and dedication. Beyond the ties of friendship, Danielle's dynamic personality has made her an essential part of my world. Her unique flair and go-getter attitude bring a special kind of energy to our shared experiences. As we celebrate love and life, I can't help but acknowledge the impact she's had on my journey. Here's to Danielle – a big sister figure, a style icon, a resilient mom, and the one who adds that funky beat to my life's soundtrack. Grateful to have her as a constant and beautiful presence in my story.

Quinton Washington


Say hello to Quinton. After a 13 week crash course in law firm management in 2018, I got to finally put a face to the easily most interesting voice on the weekly calls when we met at the subsequent conference in Phoenix. It was the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass where our conference bromance instantly blossomed. We spent the next six years on the conference circuit trading laughs and best practices for policies, systems, and procedures. From the Riverwalk of San Antonio to the Ritz Carlton Orlando to the Westin Lake (yes, Lake) Las Vegas, we were inseparable. I knew our bromance was truly special when he surprised me by showing up from Atlanta for my 40th birthday bash. It was also at that party he got to be a part of my surprise proposal to Patrice. Quinton is a great friend who I always learn something when I'm with.

Keara Harris


Meet Keara, my cherished childhood friend who has been my confidante since high school. Our journey continued through college at The George Washington University, where our bond only strengthened. Keara is not just a friend; she's one of my best friends, and we've shared every aspect of life, navigating both the ups and downs. Keara and I have remained steadfast in our connection. We've weathered the storms of life together. As we celebrate love and friendship, I can't help but reflect on the enduring bond we share. Here's to Keara – a friend for a lifetime, a confidante through thick and thin, and a constant presence in the beautiful tapestry of my life. Grateful to have her by my side on this incredible journey.

Matthew Case


Captain Matthew Case is my oldest nephew. If you fly American Airlines, you just might hear this mustachioed maverick giving you the play by play over 30,000 feet. I've been a proud uncle watching him grow up over the last 27 years. I have really enjoyed getting to know him while he called Shaw Castle his "crash pad" (pilot speak for place you live 5-7 night per month) for about a year and a half. He's got a quick wit, is fun to hang with, and always does his chores (i.e. keeps the fridge stocked with PBRs).

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