Patience & Raymond






June 18, 2023

Atlanta, GA

This is a video of our engagement shoot. The song played during our session and its actually a DeAngelo x Radiohead mashup that we think perfectly encompasses us.

How We Met: The Bride's Account

The Perfect Blend

One late night in early May of the historic 2020 I was swiping on tinder. I didn't frequent the app but after 6 total minutes I swiped and matched with Ray Harrison. In his profile he was holding this nice guitar with really moody stage lighting. As I opened the text box to write out a message, I got the alert from him first. He said : "hello, how is your night going?". Believe it or not I was interested after that. He was immediately polite in a way that men on that app weren't. not "hey ma" not "wassup","wyd" or "wya" That swipe turned into 2 hours of messaging on the app until we fell asleep. We moved our conversation from Tinder to our phones as we opened up more and more each day. We quickly figured out that we had found what we were both looking for in each other. Despite the state of the nation, we HAD to meet. Even though we lived five minutes apart, we were on lockdown so there were no traditional dating option. We decided to meet up in one the few places that was still open-the gas station. Raymond pulls up in this convertible Audi, and parks next to me. He got out of the car like Prince Charming and we laid eyes on each other for the first time. He shyly got into my passenger seat we stayed in the car for hours. We discovered that we had attended quite a few of the same events and concerts over the last 10 years, seemingly just missing each other and the opportunity to begin what we have today many times over. For us, the pandemic revealed the chance to slow our single parent pace just long enough to realize there was more love we both wanted out of life. Raymond wasn't like the other guys my age, and the more I learned about him the more maturity and depth he expressed. From the was he affectionately cared for his dog, to the way he coached his son soccer team, to the layers of the arts he has mastered, to his faith in God, he was exactly the kind of man I always wanted to marry. We officially started dating two calendar weeks after meeting on June 19th 2020. That night I had made my maybe 6th or 7th visit to his house and I found myself staying longer and longer each time. After him making me an incredible dinner I just blurted out "will you be my boyfriend?!" He didn't hesitate to say yes, and we have been inseparable ever since.

Dating with Patience: The Groom's Account

I met this beautiful woman about three years ago. We were at the height of the pandemic. I kept trying to think of where to take her. We had Kaytranada and Snoh Aalegra tickets for what we’d hoped would be some of our first dates. Cancelled due to covid. Social events cancelled. Friends weddings cancelled. We were stuck in the house and I couldn’t have loved it more because it allowed me to get to know the person I now never want to be separated from. Being stuck inside allowed me to see her in and out. It forced us to dig deeper. I found myself being more vulnerable and open than I’d ever been. As two individuals who had thought they’d mastered the single parent life, we found that it could be even more beautiful to look at the idea of starting a true family. So one night. I started a small kitchen fire that actually filled the house with smoke. I grabbed violet from her bed and took her and patience to the car. The other kids were with relatives. As we sat in the car waiting for the smoke smell to clear from the house I was reminded that life is short. All of my plans for a romantic vacation proposal faded. I was certain that this family we built is something i cannot live without. I told Patience that I didn’t want to wait anymore and asked her to marry me. Over the past three years her children have become my children. At this point I truly believe Connor has found a lifelong friend in Violet. And I personally have enjoyed getting to relive the carefree kindergarten years with James. Our house is full of love and laughter and I can’t imagine things any other way.

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