Paige & Lawton



Lawton Connor


Paige Collins

April 14, 2023

Sullivan's Island, SC
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Our story 🤍

“Play it where it lies”

Two people, beautifully broken and not looking for anything serious, laughing at the plans of a blind date on a Saturday night to Frankie’s Fun Park to play a round of mini golf. I met Lawton and immediately thought to myself, he’s not like anyone I’ve met before. He was kind, he was patient, he was naturally funny. I’ll never forget introducing myself in our friends kitchen, going in for a handshake. Yep, you read it right - a freakin’ handshake. I still remember the look he gave me and when he turned the corner, the feeling I had after introducing myself. I’d honestly never felt that type of excitement (with a side of embarrassment bc of the hand shake) before. I love making Lawton tell the story because he does it so humorously from his point of view. My favorite part is that he swears he knew I’d be the one he’d marry after hitting one of my balls into the woods and saying “well gotta play it where it lies” line from one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. We love reminiscing on that night but especially on the ones that followed the Saturday night in July that changed our lives and all of our plans. First date led to a second and a third, a paint and pour that he planned (alllll of it) that led to getting drinks at the Ale House, where we asked each other questions and laughed so hard we both cried at the bar. The next thing I know I’m introducing him to my parents and siblings and throwing him into the craziness of my family and I’m meeting his family and feeling right at home with them. I remember telling Lawton that I felt like I’d known his family for a long time, that’s the way they make you feel instantly. Two years into it, through all the crazy first months of COVID, moving in with each other, learning how to navigate the "new norm"... Lawton heads to our local jewelry store and custom designs my engagement ring and less than 2 months later… surprise!!! We’re pregnant!! Our favorite little blessing. 3 months pregnant, we take a beach vacay with some of our closest friends, he drops to one knee on the second night and surprises the heck out of me. With all of our close friends there, it was a night I'll never forget. Tells me how he had the ring in a 5 gallon bucket in the garage for months and couldn’t wait any longer. All of my dreams coming true. All of our dreams colliding together. Flash forward through pregnancy and birth of our amazing little boy who is now almost two, we finally have time to plan our wedding and get excited to begin the next chapter as Mr. & Mrs. We can't wait to exchange vows intimately and celebrate with our families, as Mr. & Mrs. Connor. See you in Sullivan's Island!!