Natalia & Owen





Salt Lake City, Utah


How We Met

Provo, UT

Owen met Natalia in the summer of 2021 on his way back from a trip to Lake Powell with some of his friends. He was leaving the next morning to fly home to Denver. One of his friends invited him to go watch the sunset at a scenic lookout near BYU in Provo, UT. Although Natalia does not have any recollection of this happening, she sat next to Owen in the car that night and they chatted. Although they only met and chatted briefly, Owen was captivated by Natalia's fun nature and happy disposition. Owen returned to school in the fall and, to his excitement, found that the tall and beautiful girl he had met that summer had been fully integrated into his friend group! Two weeks after school began, Natalia attended a football game with Owen and his friends. Although Owen was very focused on the game, Natalia had her eyes elsewhere. This was the first time she noticed and took an interest in Owen. In fact, if you ask Natalia, she will say this was the night the couple first met. In the weeks after the football game, Owen and Natalia forged a close friendship that resulted in them going on dates in late October. By January of the next year, they were both eager to “make it official.” Since then, the couple has been attached at the hip. The past year has seen trips to Coronado, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco, Boise, Breckenridge, New York City, and everywhere in between. We are so excited to begin the next chapters of life with each other by our sides!

The Proposal

Deer Valley, UT

One of my dearest girlfriends was visiting from out of town and asked if I wanted to spend the day with her in Park City. We did all the fun usual Park City things and enjoyed catching up. On our way home she told me we needed to stop by the St. Regis to say hello to her in-laws. I didn’t think anything of it, and even reminded her that this is where Owen and I had said “I love you” for the first time. As we arrived at the top of the hotel and stepped off the funicular, I saw my roommate waiting with her camera. She then told me that I was to give her my purse and walk out onto the lower ski slope. I quickly glanced over at my friend, who had run away to not ruin the surprise and saw her tear up. That’s when it hit me; it was happening. Completely in shock, I started shaking and ran to Owen in the snow. I could not stop hugging him and saying how much I loved him. He really had pulled this off. He then took me by the shoulders and said, “Ok Tal, let’s do this thing!” He got down on one knee and popped the question. It truly was the happiest night of my life and I couldn’t have been more excited to say “YES!" We called family and friends afterwards to let them know the exciting news; they were elated! As we walked back to the car, it started lighting snowing. I remember looking up at Owen in this magical moment and having a peaceful thought to myself: all is right in the world as long as he’s beside me. Finally, we were engaged!

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