January 4, 2020
Scottsdale, Arizona

Sue & Steve

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Wedding Party


Maid of Honor, Bride's Cousin

Sue and her cousin Pritika were inseparable growing up. As a result, Pritika's razor-sharp memories are filled with funny/ embarrassing stories for a lifetime. She may be an NY Esquire, but she is incredibly sweet and caring, and a top-notch Indian dancer to watch at the Sangeet!


Best Man

Ed is the guy everyone loves. At Cornell, he was a fan favorite on and off the pitch for making moves on the ball and around the college town campus. He’s a connector, sports almanac, and always there to make it happen. Basically, Ed is the (best) man!


Matron of Honor

Dubbed Sue's sister, Sarah is the first friend Sue made in the US, circa February 2000. Steadfast and trustworthy, Sarah is the person Sue calls for a shoulder to lean on -- their friendship is unbreakable. We cannot imagine our future without her!


Groomsman, Bride's Brother

Sid is the most effortlessly cool person we know. If you ever need a witty Instagram caption, a buzzer beater three-point shot, or a recommendation for a trendy cocktail spot, Sid is your man. We love him, admire him, and are so proud to call him brother!


Bridesmaid, Groom's Sister

Becca brings both the beauty and the brains! She is a hiking aficionado, avid reader, and likes her whiskey sans the mixer. She is perfectly poised and yet fiercely competitive; Steve admits she can crush him at any word game. Sue is so excited to be getting such a badass sister-in-law!


Junior Groomsman, Groom's Brother

You can find Gunner dominating a game of Fortnite, spelling c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d words like a champ, doing the floss at lightning speed, or sending playful videos ("Sue and Steve, sitting in a tree..."). He is tall beyond his years, highly energetic, and shares a love of sports with his brother.



Mo is Sue's college best friend - they met on their first day at NYU, and have years of memories as roommates and travel buddies! Mo is the most endearing, athletic, outrageously well-rounded person you'll meet. This Yale PhD once biked from Rhode Island to San Francisco, no biggie.



Maris and Mantle. Kobe and Shaq. Venus and Serena. Dana and Steve. Former teammates and roommates. Friends and competitors. Now past their athletic primes, they try to best each other at fantasy football and other trivial pursuits.



Danielle's heart is pure gold. Upon meeting in Philly five years ago, Sue and her have shared countless memories together. She is thoughtful, fun, and incredibly easy to talk to! We love spending time with her and Chris, and can't wait for our kids to be friends.



Logan is one of Steve’s best high school friends and founding partner in many formative adventures at home and abroad. Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Screenwriter, Logan is a triple-threat and an inspiration for Sue and Steve to one day start a business of their own.



Upon hearing Emily's hilarious introduction at Wharton Welcome Weekend, Sue chased her down. Ems has been a listening ear and constant source of laughter since then! Thanks to her, Sue has learned pivotal life lessons that range from colorful lipstick choices to banter making.



Once an alpinist, always an Ironman, Rick is Steve’s older brother from another. Never too far from a Sam Adams and pint of Guinness, Steve and Rick can be found plotting their next Personal Record. 140.6 and counting.



If you've ever met her, she would need no re-introduction, Jill is a riot! She likes to wear many hats (literally and figuratively) -- creative genius, cocktail whisperer, story teller, the list goes on. Jill may be Sue's roommate no more, but is a forever friend.


Groomsman, Groom's Cousin

Destined to be a successful CEO, Steve's cousin Jack has a worldly awareness and drive to succeed that far transcends his age. Steve has watched Jack grow from a precocious LA kid to a budding financier and sportscar enthusiast.



Richelle was randomly assigned as Sue's freshman roommate, and became a close friend. Warm, kind, and a genuine sweetheart, she is always a welcome infusion of positivity. Humming when she walks, animated when she talks!



Meet the human who easily brings the Maximum amount of wit to the party! Max is laid-back, fun to hang out with, and a constant source of humor. He is one of Sue's oldest friends in the US, but Steve likes to think that his friendship with Max now rivals Sue's.



Jackie and Sue met while studying abroad in 2007 - they wandered around Italy arms inextricably linked, and the rest is history! She is a firmly loyal and generous friend, and the best companion to share a bottle of wine with.



Jonathan comes with distinctive round glasses, bold opinions, and a solid Pittsburgh accent to boot! He is family and puppy-oriented, has a big heart, and has quickly become one of our favorite people to spend time with.



Jen has been friends with Sue since Day 1 at NYU! She is the thoughtful, dependable person you can always count on. She's the one who never forgets to send holiday cards or bring baked treats, and is always there with a warm hug.



When Chris first met Steve, he threatened to (hire someone to) beat Steve up if he ever hurt Sue. Safe to say he is a consistent and reliable friend! Today, we love spending many weekends on double dates with Chris & Danielle, checking out NYC spots.

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