James & Ashley

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We're getting married!

James Alexander Nelson


Ashley Korin Marie Gettes

October 12, 2023

Sedona, AZ

How we met

I go crazy for weirdos...

Ash and James were each other's last Hinge match, a dating app that apparently works wonders! After a long run of meeting misfits and comically bad dates, James hooked Ash with the prompt "I go crazy for...", to which James quirkly answered "weirdos." Ash couldn't deny loving his goofy answer. She messaged James on the spot saying, "When I hear the word "weirdo,” I just think: undiscovered friendship." Or, as it turned out for these two weirdos--undiscovered true love. Following two bars, three hours of easy conversation, shared laughs and tostadas, and chivalrously holding out on a first kiss they both really wanted, their first date was the blissful kind of ordinary. And they've been in a state of constant "gaga" over each other ever since. Ash had never met a man so genuine, introspective, humble and caring. And James, well, he still questions whether Ash is even real and not an imaginary dream girl. On October 12, a few days after celebrating two years together, Ash and James will be betting their vows on the greatest love they could ever imagine.

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