Rochelle & Michael


Worth the wait to finally celebrate!







September 3, 2023

Boise, ID

How We Met


It all started with a right swipe. Michael and Rochelle met on the dating app Tinder. They both were drawn in by the profile pictures showing interest in outdoor activities and listed jobs in the natural resource field. A few messages and couple corny jokes (Rochelle's favorite luckily) and they had plans to grab a beer at Boise Brewing downtown. When the first date that was planned for an hour continued on for close to three...they knew that something special was starting.

Popping the Question


Michael had planned a perfect, sunny Sunday to go on a hike in the Boise foothills. We woke up and went to brunch where Michael was trying to casually suggest a few places that might be fun to hike. He subtly convinced Rochelle that Miller Gulch was probably a good option and she agreed. They had gone on this exact hike for their second date back in 2017 and it was pretty cute to reminisce about on the way there (Rochelle having no idea that this was exactly why Michael chose this spot). Eventually you round a hill and are in a more secluded, small valley which was lush green in late April this year. This is where Michael got on one knee and asked Rochelle to marry him. Of course she was shocked, excited and so ready to say yes! On the way home after the hike, Michael said that he'd like to do one more thing...go have a beer at Boise Brewing to really bring the day full circle. Upon arriving, Rochelle was trying to scope out the perfect spot and was totally surprised when Michael's parents and Rochelle's whole family were there to congratulate them and celebrate the exciting day together!

The Wedding Ceremony


Rochelle and Michael got married in McCall, Idaho with just their immediate family in attendance. Everyone stayed at an AirBnB on a small pond and spent the weekend all together. The ceremony was held in the early evening in the backyard, next to the water. The weather was just warm enough and the summer wildfire smoke had moved out for the day. With Brandon (Michael's best friend) officiating, family all contributing speeches and vows/rings exchanged, the ceremony lasted about 30 minutes. It felt like such a magical scene, a few doe passed in the trees behind us during the vows, birds flew overhead and sung throughout the trees, waves lapped on the shore. The ceremony was so special and perfect and exactly what Michael and Rochelle wanted. After pictures and a great dinner, the newlyweds cut the cake, signed the marriage license, and went out on the back deck to have their first dance. The entire pond of cabins joined in to clap and holler at the end of the song. The weekend was the most beautiful, personal, and impactful event we could've asked for. We can't wait to continue our celebration with all of our friends and family on our one year anniversary.

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