Brooke & Shane

Stem with leaves

Shane O'Brien


Brooke Harms

October 14, 2023

Minneapolis, MN
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How We Met

We met as many couples do these days, on a popular dating app called Hinge! After both being in the online dating world for what seemed like forever, we matched and hit it off immediately! We were both so relieved to finally find a person who was as easy to talk to in person as they were online. In fact, our second date was over 7 hours long because we couldn't stop talking.

The Proposal

Shane proposed with breakfast in bed and took Brooke by surprise (which is very hard to do). However, the surprises didn't end there! Shane flew in two of Brooke's best friends from across the country to stay & celebrate for the weekend. After spending the day with her new fiancé and friends, Shane ended the day by throwing ANOTHER curveball. Waiting at his family's house that evening was a surprise engagement party filled with both their families and closest friends. It was the best day ever.

The Wedding

We met, dated, fell in love and have lived in Minneapolis so it felt appropriate to get married in the heart of our favorite city! We are so excited to be getting married at Mosaic Venue which is right downtown, above the Finnegan's Brewery.