Nya & Raymon


Its Finally Happening! These Kids are Getting Married!


Nya Rankins


Raymon Holiday


August 7, 2023

Pensacola Beach, FL

She Said Yes! (Proposal Video)

How They Met

It all started on a nice September day. The year was 2017, at a call center for a company called Coyote Logistics. Nya had already been a call rep at Coyote for 2 years when a new hire orientation class began a tour of the office. It was their very first day. As the group made their way near Nya’s section of the office, she noticed one new hire in particular. He had the brightest brown eyes, brighter than the average even. And his caramel skin with his perfect smile was enough to make any woman blush when he looked in their direction. His name was Raymon and he didn’t have the slightest idea Nya was even remotely interested. From then, Nya would see Raymon here and there throughout the office, so she did what any shy woman would do, walk past him with butterflies in her stomach hoping that one day he would approach her. 🥴 A year later, Nya wanted to go out with her friends and needed to find someone to cover her shift. She worked weekend day shift and was trying to find someone who worked weekday day shift to switch with her. The only person who offered to switch was someone who worked weekday night shift. Nya, not thrilled to work the night shift, attempted to keep looking but no other person came forth. She eventually accepted the nightshift offer. The day came for Nya to work the night shift. There was a name plate on the computer monitor next to Nya the read, “Ray Holiday”. Nya hadn’t thought anything of it. About an hour later, Ray walked through the door. He approached Nya to introduce himself. He reached his hand out for a handshake and Nya’s heart fluttered. IT WAS HIM, MR. PERFECT SMILE HIMSLEF! HE WAS ACTUALLY TALKING TO NYA! He sat down at the desk next to Nya, and the entire night, they talked and laughed. The rest was ‘their’story ❤️

Going Steady

Ray and Nya had exchanged phone numbers the night that they met and became inseparable. The two talked just about all day and night. Conversation came naturally between them and they felt like they could talk to each other about any and everything. Sometime had passed and Ray still hadn’t asked Nya out. This left Nya wondering if he only saw her as a friend and that maybe the attraction was not mutual. Nya allowed a little more time to pass before eventually gaining enough courage to talk to Ray about her feelings towards him. She wanted to know if she was misreading things because he seemed interested in her, yet he hadn’t asked her out yet. Ray confirm the feelings had been mutual, then he finally asked Nya out. The two went on their first date to an Atlanta United game and had the time of their lives. Atlanta lost that night but you couldnt tell. The energy was electrifying. From then, the pair continued to talk, hang out and go on several dates. This continued for about 3 months. At the end of that year, Ray and Nya were invited to a New Year Eve party. They attended and had a blast. Once the new year arrived, the two along with others, made a toast to the New year. Then the pair shared a New Year kiss. It was at that moment that Raymon asked Nya to be his girlfriend. 👩🏾‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽

The Proposal

Fast forward to almost 4 years later, Nya and Ray were planning their annual birthday trip, as their birthdays are only about 2 weeks apart from one another. They decided to go to California that year. Ray had the idea to invite some of their closest friends and family to come along. Nya agreed because the more the merrier. The crew landed at LAX, picked up their rental cars and then checked into their Airbnb. Later that evening, everyone got dressed to go to dinner. Ray had already informed everyone that he found a restaurant on Malibu beach that he saw on Tik Tok that he really wanted to try. He had warned Nya that in order to get to the restaurant, the group would need to walk through the sand on the beach and advised her to dress cute but also comfortable. Once everyone arrived at the beach, they started their way towards “the restaurant”. Along the way, Nya noticed a romantic picnic set up with a sign that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Nya, still oblivious to what was happening, pointed it out to Raymon and told him someone is going to propose to someone that day. That’s when Ray agreed, then got down on one knee to ask Nya to Marry him in front of all of their closest friends and family. It was official. Signed, Sealed Delivered, Nya was going to be all Ray’s. 💍

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