Virginia & Nolan

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Floral Garlandflowers

Nolan Boeff


Virginia Bishop


November 2, 2024

Ellijay, GA
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How did we meet?


Nolan and Virginia's story began with a distant connection through Virginia's older brother, Eric, during their high school days. Back then, Virginia was just a young girl eager to be part of her brother's world. In 2019/2020, Nolan and Eric rekindled their friendship, leading to cookouts at Eric's house where Virginia was often present. Social media brought them closer, and Nolan found himself falling for Virginia, a feeling that was evident to everyone around them. Encouraged by Eric, his wife, and their friends Jesse and Kayla, Nolan and Virginia were intentionally brought together at gatherings to foster a connection. Then, on November 2nd, 2020, during a Halloween party, Jesse, a close friend of Nolan and Eric, facilitated their connection by sharing Nolan's number with Virginia. Text messages and phone calls ensued, but Virginia hesitated to go on dates, unsure if she was ready for a relationship or willing to lower her emotional barriers. However, Nolan's unwavering sweetness and selflessness gradually won her over, making it clear there was no escaping the inevitable. Over time, Virginia realized the potential for a wonderful life together and decided to give their budding romance a chance. As they navigated the bumps in the road, one thing led to another, and they soon became inseparable, forging a lasting bond that would define their future.

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