We are getting married!


Noah Shugart


Haley Velasquez

November 4, 2023

Sugar Land, TX

How We Met


We met right after Noah started his summer internship last year, it was a Wednesday night and he was cutting watermelon and I walked over to talk to him and we had a lot in common! Then months went by while talking a little bit here and there! Then March came by and we started talking A LOT more after I asked him for his number! and a month later he asked me out!

The Proposal


A little over 4 months after we met Noah had planned an elaborate proposal, It was all set up and right after our Wednesday church class my boss texted me to come downstairs and I was just thinking "Why did she want me to come down? What's going on?" so I went down and she told me to go to the room I always work in (Which is the room he first asked me out in) I walked down the hall and saw candlelight coming from in there and at that moment I knew what was happening! I walked in and saw Noah surrounded by candles and flower petals inside a heart shape and he told me to come closer. As I did he told me he wanted us to spend our lives together and grow together as Christians and how he loves me so much and am his princess (Noah's edit SHE SHOWED NO EMOTION I WAS SCARED) As I finished she immediately said YES! and As Haley turned around she saw all of our friends and Family there and just began to laugh! We are so excited for our forever future together! and look forward to you being at our big day!!:D