Nikki & Matthew







March 4, 2023

Tallahassee, FL

How we met

Falling in love with the cabinet boy

One weekend in college Nikki went home to her parents house. On this particular weekend a carpenter was replacing cabinets. Matt had recently returned home from the Navy and was working as the carpenters assistant. Nikki knew exactly who Matt was through mutual highschool friends, but choose not to acknowledge the relationship to avoid awkward pleasantries. Matt and Don, Nikki's grandfather, became quick friends after conversation. Don just couldn't stand to not introduce Nikki to his new friend. Later that night Matt messaged Nikki on Facebook to get her number and suggest a possible first date on her parents jet-skis. Not totally sold, Nikki agreed to meet the next day for lunch. And then dinner. And then seven years later, to be his wife and forever date