The countdown to our forever is on.







July 15, 2023

5516 Norton Rd., Alexandria

How we met

He found a pretty young thing that later turned into his Queen.

Ben and Nikkia met summer of 1995, he stopped her while she was walking down the street in Long View. They talked for hours and it seemed like they knew each other forever. They talked for a few months and it was short lived and they parted ways. Chance would have it that the two would cross paths a couple years later and they locked in again, this time longer and they became more serious but life would lead the two to part ways again, but this time they remained connected as friends being there for each other through so many life changing events. Each year they would either call or text for birthdays, because neither of them could forget the others because their birthdays were a day apart. So almost five years ago the two of them began their normal connections of spending time together, but it was so different, they had grown through life's experiences and decided to try again at something that seemed destined, the two of them being together. On December 28th 2021 Ben got down on one knee after conferring with both sides of the family and asked Nikkia to be his wife, she said YESSSSS!!!! Now the countdown to our FOREVER begins.

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