Nihanth & Megan

Curved Lines

Nihanth Damera


Megan Carroll

December 16, 2023

Indianapolis, IN
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Our Story

Although they grew up just a few blocks away from each other, Megan and Nihanth did not cross paths until the summer of 2017 after their first year of medical school at Indiana University. They were both spending the summer doing Cardiology research at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, where coincidentally Nihanth’s Dad and Megan's Mom had worked for years. It wasn’t long before a friendship formed. Fast forward a couple years and they both happened to be in Indianapolis for their clinical rotations. Now both single, they reconnected one night at a party at Nihanth’s house after a mutual friend invited Megan. After a night of whiskey and dancing at Tiki Bobs, they knew they definitely had a connection. Over the next year, they spent time trying new restaurants and talking way past closing, hanging out with each other's friend groups, texting each other 24/7, and exploring Indy together. This culminated in a moment on the steps outside Barcelona restaurant in the summer of 2019, after a great Lizzo concert, where Megan and Nihanth decided to start their relationship. Despite a busy summer and fall of residency applications and interviews, Megan and Nihanth had a blast traveling, meeting each other's families, cooking and dining out at their favorite spots together. Along with the arrival of a global pandemic, Megan and Nihanth matched into residencies in different cities. While excited for the next steps in their careers, they also realized they wanted to continue sharing their lives regardless of the long distance. Starting in June 2020, they began their careers with Megan as an Internal Medicine/Pediatrics resident at University of Missouri in Kansas City and Nihanth an Internal Medicine resident at Indiana University in Indianapolis. Although the next couple years came with the difficulties of living apart and navigating residency in a pandemic, the two traveled to see each other as often as they could. They became friends with each other’s coresidents, explored their cities, and even took a vacation to Los Cabos! Throughout this time and despite the miles between them, their bond continued to grow. This culminated in a very special day on April 16, 2022, when Nihanth got down on one knee in front of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago to propose to the best friend he's ever known. After the proposal Nihanth surprised Megan with a dinner with their family at Gibson's Chicago Steakhouse. This was followed by another surprise with several of their closest friends flying in from across the country to celebrate with them at a bar across the street. It was an amazing night filled with love, laughs and happy tears to kickstart Megan and Nihanth’s engagement! As wedding preparations continue, Nihanth and Megan are happy to announce that after 3 years of long distance they will finally be reuniting in Kansas City summer 2023 (after spending 6 weeks together in Kenya for a medical rotation in the spring!) where Nihanth will start work as a hospitalist while they prepare for fellowship applications. This will then lead into December 16, 2023, where they will return to Indianapolis to celebrate their marriage with their friends and family in the city they both call home! Thank you all for being a part of our journey, and we can't wait to celebrate with all of you! -Megan and Nihanth