Welcome to the beach!

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October 27, 2023

San Clemente, CA
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How we met!


For those that don’t know, we met on Bumble where the woman is supposed to start the conversation. We’re pretty sure that Julie’s opening line was something profound like “Hey, how are you” but clearly it made a huge impression on Jon! We met for a quick drink at Social in Costa Mesa just to see if we would get along. After getting lost talking for two hours we looked up with our stomachs rumbling and decided to head out for dinner. We walked outside and jumped in Jon’s car, a Subaru WRX, and that’s when Julie knew for sure. Couldn’t be anything wrong with another Subaru driver in the family. Love at first Subie! Jon almost blew it by suggesting dinner and live music at the Boat House Collective (RIP). The kitchen was closed, the 14-piece band of mismatched elementary school recorders, oddly tuned stringed instruments and never-ending backup singers took 40 minutes to sound check and opened with a 12 minute ethereal ballad about Pinocchio. Julie shot over a famous ginger hangry look and Jon took the immediate and urgent hint. We headed out for a real dinner. Our final stop was Oak and Coal. From the outside, a nondescript storefront overshadowed by the iconic lights of Pancakes R Us; from the inside, a raucous and bustling yakitori grill filled with mouth-watering smells. We enjoyed amazing fresh-grilled food, loudly shouted sake bombs with the chefs and endless talk of college football, travels, hobbies and music. It kickstarted our lifelong journey of worldwide exploration, live music, great food, endless banter, and love for each other. To this day we celebrate most big occasions at Oak and Coal, we never stop talking about the things we love in life, and we’re always on the hunt for the next local band to blow us away with tales of mythical creatures.