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Wedding Party

The Wedding Website of Nicole Karr and Chris O'Meara
Meet our family and friends who are with us to celebrate our special day!

Mark O'Meara

Best Man

My brother Mark and I grew up together enjoying cars, video games, and hanging out together. Now that we're both all grown up, I'm proud to call him my best man. He'll be a newly married man himself at my wedding, and I couldn't ask for a better best man to accompany me through this special day.

Laura Gumpper

Maid of Honor

Laura and I have been friends since middle school home-economic class. Laura is the friend that we could tell each other anything and neither of us would bat an eye no matter how absurd or deep of conversation we share. She has taught me what it means to be a true friend and to always enjoy the smaller aspects of life that others might miss.

Raya Lasiewski

Maid of Honor

Raya I have known since high school. She has always set an example for me of what true persevering means and she has been there for me to hang out spontaneously and talk even in the most difficult of times of my life. She can complete a 1000+ piece puzzle in a few hours and can remember what we did on specific dates in the past... which come in handy for scrapbooking or printing photos!

Francesca Picotte

Maid of Honor

Fran and I met at CMU and she is the most driven person who never gives up. She is a good friend who loves the luxuries of life but is always respectful and kind to all encountered. She is always up for a good chat when we call or hang out in person and she is for SURE the best person to run a CV or resume by as she will one day be a CEO.

Sally O'Meara

Mother of the Groom

My mom has always been there cheering me on through every step of my life, and I know both of us are very excited for this next big step! She's looking forward to having Nicole as an amazing daughter-in-law, and I'm sure our dance at the reception will be great.

Pat O'Meara

Father of the Groom

My dad has been an amazing part of my life, introducing me to cars, supporting me through all my school activities, and helping me with all sorts of projects in my house as an adult. I can't wait to have him with me during this amazing day. Also, you should check out his YouTube channel, My Old Car!

Mary Karr

Mother of the Bride

Mom has given me everything and always taught me to set my standards high, work hard, and to pray to God. Mom never judges, helps me out whenever I need help, and always knows how to relax and have fun. She is the one who taught me how to make lists and prioritize which I am sure Chris appreciates (haha). Mom would drive to the ends of the Earth for me and she is the best mom a woman could ask for in life!

Jeff Karr

Father of the Bride

Dad is the best! He has set a strong example of what it looks like to be a kind and faith-filled man who has respect for everyone and who could who can have a full conversation with anyone regardless if they can talk back to them. He could tell stories for days and make me laugh until I cry. Dad always knows what to say in a difficult situation.