Audrey & Nicklas are Getting Married!!!!


Audrey Honig


Nicklas Klepser

May 26, 2024

Chicago, Illinois

Our Story

We met during our freshman year at Kalamazoo College. Nick's first impression of Audrey was during a hypnotist show at orientation when Audrey was a very enthusiastic participant... an interesting start. We officially met each other at a party, and the following week, Nick brought Audrey a pizza. At that point, Audrey told anyone who would listen about her huge crush on Nick, and she finally found the courage to tell him. Within a few months of dating, we were planning our first big trip together, to Sweden! After dating throughout college, we decided to go to Jerusalem together so Audrey could attend rabbinical school. We proposed to each other on a lovely bridge in Venice. Nowadays, we are finding our footing in NYC. Audrey is in her second year of rabbinical school, while Nick is working as a project coordinator at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Together, our days are filled with great meals, reading together, and rewatching Curb Your Enthusiasm. We can't wait to share our joyful wedding day with the people we hold dear!!

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