Kiana & Nick






November 19, 2023

Placerville, CA

How We Met


Our story began with a series of almost-meetings, a sprinkle of fate teasing us along the way. The real showstopper was yet to come. It all went down in our very own charming haven that was mine and Jessica's first apartment. The spotlight was on – Christina's 21st birthday bash was about to hit the scene. Our apartment was transformed into a whirlwind of confetti, laughter, and surprises that could rival any party montage. Enter Danny Roman, the maestro of connections, now starring as Jessica's real-life leading man. And who's his plus one for the night? None other than the dashing Nick, the guy destiny had been sneakily introducing into his and my life all along. It was all stolen glances and fleeting smiles until the late hours of the night – when the last guest made their exit and the world outside seemed to fade away. And there we were, left in the glow of the TV screen and the pixelated world of "Zombie Ate My Neighbors." Call it fate, call it luck – but the chemistry sizzled as we battled those pixelated zombies side by side. Laughs echoed, friendly shoves ensued, and the energy was electric. The room was filled with the sound of pixels and heartbeats aligning. That night paved the way for a love story that's better than any movie script. Our journey kicked off with zombies and late-night laughter, but it's evolved into a tale of endless adventures, stolen kisses, and a 5ever kind of love.

The Proposal


In the heart of October, a month that holds a special place in both Nick's and my heart, our engagement story unfolded, and it was as real and genuine as our love. Right from the start of our relationship, it was evident that October was more than just a month on the calendar. Our first date had taken place during this cozy and vibrant season. It all began at a pumpkin patch, where my love for all things fall sparked the idea of carving pumpkins together. And Nick, bless his heart, was more than eager to dive into the pumpkin-carving adventure. Over the years, our pumpkin patch visits became a tradition we looked forward to. Every autumn, we would hunt for the perfect pumpkins, engage in friendly debates about the best carving techniques, and indulge in all sorts of fall treats. The patch became a backdrop to our shared memories, reflecting the growth of our relationship in its own unique way. I had always brought up the idea of having couple's photos taken during our visits to the pumpkin patch, so you can imagine my surprise when Nick decided to make it a reality. One crisp October day, as Nick and I were surrounded by a couple of great friends and pumpkins, little did I know that a life-changing moment was about to unfold. In a heartwarming twist, Nick approached me with a small box in his hand, a mixture of nerves and excitement dancing in his eyes. As I turned around, there he was, down on one knee, a huge smile on his face that mirrored my own. With heartfelt words that conveyed all the love and commitment he held for us, Nick showed the open box that held a promise of our future together. I was over the moon, jumping up and down with pure happiness, shouting "YES!" at the top of my lungs. The excitement echoed through the patch, and it felt like the perfect way to celebrate our journey.

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