July 30, 2021
Orlando, FL

Joslyn & Nick


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Nick Rogers


Joslyn Hunt



July 30


How We Met


We met at Santa Fe College's freshman orientation when I was a senior in high school duel enrolling and Nick was an incoming freshman. Nick had to rearrange the date of his orientation to this day, and I had to leave school early to go. Both of us thought the whole thing was inconvenient and unnecessary. I was looking for a seat and decided to go a few rows back and sit in the middle. I had the option to sit next to one of two guys and took my chances with the one in hat. I sat down next to Nick and said something to the effect of "when I don't know where to sit, I just go for the middle and hope for the best." Well, the best is what we got! Within 10 days of hanging out every day, we were officially dating!



After a little over four years, in our final year of college, we went to Michigan for a wedding. It was the weekend leading into my finals week, and I was worried it was unwise to go. Nick insisted it would be great and I would get everything done in time. We had plans to go picnic in a park, read the last part of our relationship book, and take pictures with the Fall colors we do not experience in Florida. He tried his best to steer me towards a trendy outfit for the pictures, we went to a grocery store to pick out some snacks, and we headed to the park. As we finished the book and got up to take pictures, Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and obviously I said yes!

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