Nicholas & Kenneth


Kenneth Aker


Nicholas Ball

June 8, 2024

Owensville, OH
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An Adventure with a Spectacular View!

June 2017

We met in June 2017 on a dating app. We talked for a couple weeks then we met and talked for a while about life and different things we like doing and hit it off. We both took it slow at first and got to know each other. We went from seeing each other every other weekend and some during the week to every weekend. Kenny and I have a great love of the theater, concerts, karaoke, traveling and so much more. We enjoy going on adventures to experience new things and we have meet some amazing people along the way! We are both so excited to see what new adventures we get into as a married couple!

The Proposal


On our family vacation to see our friends Jill and Stacy in Florida I had asked Jill if we could go to the beach one day to take family pictures. It was around sunset that we were taking pictures with our son Jackson doing goofy poses and some other fun ones. Then it came time for Kenny and I to take some just the two of us. I (Nic) had no clue what was going to happen next. Kenny had me turn around and me being oblivious of what was really happening I was asking what pose are we doing? Are we doing "A Prom Pose"? Then I turned around again, and I saw he was on his knee. I then turned to Jill and I said "Am I supposed to sit on his lap or something"? Then Kenny turned me back around took my hand and said some very sweet things that; I am not sure exactly what he said because I was so excited for this moment. Then he said "Will you marry me? And obviously I cried and said Yes!