Melissa & Nelson

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Melissa Plasencia


Nelson Morales

October 15, 2023

Huntington Beach, CA

How We Met

We couldn't help but fall in love.

Believe it or not, our story begins at a summer time football game in LA. As destiny would have it, they ended up sitting right next to each other. Both of them dragged there separately, quickly engaged in conversation and bonded over beers to pass the time. Nelson being the gentleman that he is offered to buy Melissa a beer and to his surprise she was already double fisting. When the game was over both parties politely thanked each other for their courtesy and simply walked away. God knew that their time would come. A year later, Virginia dragged Melissa once again to a place she knew she couldn’t resist, the brewery! Little did Melissa know that Nelson would be arriving there as well. To their surprise, it was as if time had not passed. They connected instantly and gravitated towards each other with the biggest force. Before they knew it, they were inseparable and while the rest of the world fell to the pandemic, these two fell in love. Like a powerful force of the ocean, the couple road the wave and together achieved many accomplishments. We’re excited to celebrate their love story and watch these two take the next step together in life. Congratulations Melissa and Nelson! See you at the wedding!!!!

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